ABC’s ‘Castle’ review: Ethan Slaughter makes Beckett all the better

Meet Slaughter — now be afraid.

As if Nathan Fillion’s Rick Castle really needed any reminder at all of just how much he needs Beckett to be his partner, he certainly got one courtesy of Adam Baldwin’s Ethan Slaughter. It’s been over half a decade since we have had this sort of reunion between the two “Firefly” stars, but it was worth the wait and then some.

Basically, Castle decided to join forces with Slaughter out of a desire to not only get some new inspiration for his books, but also to subconsciously escape the heartache he was feeling thanks to Beckett not telling him the truth about the shooting. Even though he was warned that the guy was pretty much the most dangerous cop on the entire force, it was akin to a dad telling their teenage daughter not to go out with the guy down the street with a motorcycle.

Of course, it only took about half of this episode for Castle to find out just how big of a mistake he ended up making in joining forces with a guy who was willing to throw a witness into his trunk before threatening a confession out of him, and he was back with Beckett near the end of the episode (of course, much to the dismay of one angry Slaughter).

Overall, the plot here was more than a little bit predictable — we all knew that Castle was going to realize the error of his ways by the end of the episode and catch the bad guy (or at least sort of). The upside? At least the chemistry between Baldwin and Fillion was so electric we could have watched an entire movie about them.

Unfortunately, there really was not much in the way of movement when it came to the Castle / Beckett relationship this week. Even though the waiting game continued, we can at least take some consolation in watching Beckett vent to her therapist … right? If nothing else, we at least hope that Castle now realizes just how much care his partner takes in making sure he is safe on a weekly basis.

For “Firefly” fans, this episode was a resounding success — meanwhile, we do wonder whether fans of this show’s principal relationship feel the same way.

What do you think about Baldwin’s performance, and about this episode?

Photo: ABC

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