Adam Lambert song snippets — ‘Outlaws of Love,’ ‘Underneath,’ and more

More music!

Adam Lambert fans, rejoice! Some more song snippets from the singer’s sophomore album “Trespassing” have hit the web. (To check out some of the ones that have already arrived online, head over to this link.)

Some of the songs unveiled this time around include a studio version of “Outlaws of Love,” a song we first heard back during a concert in Quebec last year, along with a much-anticipated track named “Chokehold.” “Trespassing” in full hits stores on May 15 — so if you enjoy some of the music you hear below (and you really should), be sure to pick up the full album.

“Outlaws of Love” (there’s a love voice effect incorporated here)

“Kickin’ In” (does anyone else dig the Michael Jackson vibe here?)

“Underneath” (a song that rivals “Aftermath” and “Outlaws” for Adam’s most emotional ballad ever)

“Pop That Lock” (a song that reminds us of some of the other dance numbers from the album)

“Broken English” (listen to the lyrics on this one)

“Shady” (remember the “techno Queen” vibe from “Trespassing”? It’s back here)

“Chokehold” (the most unpredictable of the song melodically, which is why it’s at the top of our list)

Which one of these songs do you enjoy the most? Stay tuned — as always, we’ll have more from Adam as soon as the news becomes available!

Photo: RCA

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