Rebecca Black’s ‘My Moment’ music video: ‘I’m famous and you’re not’

Rebecca Black

The video that many of you may or may not have actually wanted is actually here — and Rebecca Black is taking on her haters. The YouTube sensation released her “My Moment” music video on Friday, and when it comes to quality this easily knocks “Friday” straight out of the park.

However, there is a serious question that has to be asked here — do we want Rebecca Black to be “okay,” or was the appear of “Friday” simply that it was so cheesy and out there that it became a hit? “My Moment” has a few catchy lines, is age-appropriate, and actually seems like her teenage way of giving all of her haters the finger.

But at the same time, the biggest issue this song’s going to have is staying memorable as a follow-up. Black wants to be treated as a serious young artist, but the comedic value of “Friday” was what made her memorable.

So is a step forward in quality a step back when it comes to attention? We will likely see over time.


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