‘The Client List’ review: Who’s Maxine and what is Kyle’s secret?

She has learned Kyle’s secret

Last time on ‘The Client List’ Riley found herself in a tough situation when her husband Kyle leaves her with their two children and a pile of debt.  When she learns that she can make a lot more money at her job by taking on special clients at work, she decides to roll with it and see what happens.  Her massage session turn into therapy sessions for the men as she tries to make a difference in their lives. Kyle’s brother Evan tries to help out around the house in his brother’s absence and although there seems to be some sort of attraction between them, it’s too soon to tell if that will turn into anything more.

On this week’s episode of ‘The Client List‘ Riley receives a call from Kyle after not hearing from him for a month, but he doesn’t say anything and hangs up.  She tries to call him back the next morning, but his phone is disconnected leaving her with more questions then before. Georgia decides that the girls will all go out for drinks together after work to help Riley get her mind off of things.

Riley’s first client of the day is a man called ‘the camel’ otherwise known as the man who lives and works on an oil rig for 6 months and doesn’t have any exciting prospects until he gets back to town for his week off and comes for a week’s worth of massages. When Riley starts to ask him about his personal life he turns off like a switch and she realizes that every man might not be as easy to help as some of her other clients have been.  On his next visit he is a little more open to talking about why he doesn’t have a woman in his life and it turns out that he asked the love of his life, Annie,  to marry him on the jumbotron at a baseball stadium and she said no.  After that she just disappeared from his life, much like Kyle did to Riley. At their next appointment Riley tells the camel that she went on a website called ‘second chances’ and found out that Annie is living in New Mexico and suggests that he meet up with her to get some closure.  He thanks her but says that he wants to keep that in his past.

At home Riley is trying to see if she can find any clues as to Kyle’s whereabouts and she stumbles upon a piece of paper with a phone number and the name Max on it.  When she calls the number she’s horrified to learn from the voice mail that Max is actually Maxine and she fears the worst.  Riley leaves Max a message in hopes to get some answers, but when she has to meet up with the girls from work, Lacy finds herself obsessing over Maxine and leaves her 8 more messages.

While Riley is out with the girls from work she finds herself not only having one too many margaritas’, but also having a fabulous time.  Evan shows up as her designated driver while she is up on stage singing karaoke with the girls and he is happy to see her getting back to her old self.  When Evan gets a very drunk Riley home he finds himself in a precarious position with Riley in her bedroom as she throws off her clothes and brings his attention to her lips.  Evan covers her up with the blanket and leaves her to sleep off her cheap margarita buzz.  The next day Riley finds out that Lacy left Maxine a bunch of messages and she is really upset, thinking that she may never call back now. Lacy later finds Maxine’s home address and Riley forgives her for the 8 phone messages.

Riley and Lacy pull up to Maxine’s home and they see her pull up in an old car that Kyle said he had sold to some couple.  Maxine pulls a little boy out of the back seat and the girls are horrified to see that the boy looks like Kyle, so they drive away without confronting her.

Completely freaked out, Riley calls Evan over and accuses him of knowing about Maxine and keeping it from her.  She explains the whole story to him and Evan gets upset at Riley for thinking that Kyle would have a secret family.  Later while talking to Georgia she convinces Riley that it’s important to confront Maxine and find out the truth so she can move on.

Riley goes back to Maxine’s house and confronts her about Kyle, but she says she doesn’t know where he is and didn’t know he had left her.  Maxine admits that she was in love with Kyle, but that didn’t feel the same because he was in love with Riley. She also tells Riley that her son is not Kyle’s, that her son’s father died of an overdose and that she met Kyle at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  Maxine tells her that Kyle was hooked on painkillers after his accident at work and was going to the meetings to try to deal with his issues and that’s how they know each other.

Riley apologizes to Evan with chili, because every good apology starts with good food, and tells him about Kyle being an addict, but Evan feels that there are no excuses for what Kyle did. After a good chili dinner, Evan, Riley and the kids all fall asleep on the couch, but when she has a dream about Kyle coming home and calling her out on her ‘client list’ at work she feels conflicted about all of the secrets she’s keeping herself.

After a strong series premiere last week it’s nice to see that ‘The Client List’ is keeping up the same momentum on week two, easily turning new viewers into fans.

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