‘Game of Thrones’ review: Can we give Peter Dinklage another Emmy already?

Tyrion’s showing a new way.

There really is so much we could take from Sunday night’s new episode of “Game of Thrones” — despite not even having one of the show’s strongest characters in Dany in a single frame, this was somehow still one of the most brilliant episodes ever created for the show. Despite only seeing him in two episodes, we already feel like we know Theon Greyjoy well along with his torn allegiances to Robb Stark and his own family. Meanwhile, we had a worthwhile reintroduction to Renly Baratheon (and his secret lover that is his new bride’s brother), a brilliant introduction to Brienne, and Arya pulling a rather fantastic game of trickery with Joffrey’s men by acting as though they killed Gendry in the violent assault at the end of the episode.

As stellar as all of this was (and it was pretty stellar indeed), perhaps all of it still paled in comparison to the brilliant game of cat-and-mouse that Tyrion Lannister has going on as the Hand of the King. Determined to not perish like Ned Stark before him, he has found a brilliant way to weed the traitors out of his council — tell each one of them a different secret and his plans for Cersei’s daughter, and see who ends up blabbing to the Queen. You imprison the traitor, and then go on your merry way.

The only thing that made this scene even more remarkable is how Peter Dinkalge is earning himself another Emmy nomination scene by scene as this character already. At times Tyrion is funny, but also at times he is a powerful threat. While he can’t kill you by force, he is thus far the smartest person in King’s Landing and knows how to exactly get his way. Dinklage is taking on a man who is inherently a scoundrel, but is yet turning him into a capable anti-hero and standout of the series. (He’s also found a rather interesting use for his secret lover — plant her within the quarters and with Sansa Stark.) Isn’t it weird to root against a family as a whole, but yet one person within it somehow appealing?

While Tyrion lives to breathe another day, we’re far more worried about Arya and Jon Snow — two characters who each face uncertainty in their present predicaments thanks to Craster and Gendry. Then again, shouldn’t we really worry about everyone on this show at the moment?

Whether it be some of Tyrion’s best scenes of the purely visual moments — such as the sight of Theon swearing allegiance to Castle Greyjoy or the look of terror upon Renly’s face at the prospect of producing an heir — there’s really no doubting for our standpoint at the moment that three episodes in, “Thrones” is the best series currently airing on TV. We only hope they find a way to keep the intensity level so high, and keep the new characters so strong that we don’t fret over an episode without a Dany, a Stannis, or a Robb Stark.

Photo: HBO

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