AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: The boy with the Ogi Jun tattoo is revealed

They are getting closer to a suspect

Last week on AMC’s ‘The Killing’ we learned that not only does Rosie’s possible killer have Ogi Jun tattoo, but that he also knows Stan somehow. If Rosie was involved with Beau Soleil no one will ever know now that Janek has destroyed all computer records from the company.  Holder was pushed to the edge after he found out that the cops he works for are crooked and he teetered on the edge of pick up his drug addiction again before Linden comes to the rescue.

On this week’s episode of ‘The Killing’ Linden and Holder are staked outside of Larsen’s place at night trying to locate the boy with the Ogi Jun tattoo.  Now that they are working together again, Holder tries to explain his involvement, or lack thereof, with the doctored photo that helped point the finger at Richmond as the killer, but Linden doesn’t want to hear it and wants to keep her focus on finding Rosie’s killer.  When a group of men show up and hop into Larsen’s trucks, they hit the road after them. They follow them to Janek’s place and while they figure out that Larsen is working with the mob again in some capacity, they can’t find the boy with the tattoo.

With Mitch out of the picture, Terry is finding it difficult getting Tom go to school and can’t seem to get the boys to listen to her or respect her.  When Terry goes down to the garage she finds Denny locked in the trunk of the car and Tom is standing to the side looking smug.  Terry confronts Tom and he tells her that she’s not his mom and to go home.  Stan later learns that Tom is being bullied at school about his sister and gives his son the advice to hit the next kid that picks on him.  While it’s fairly questionable advice, it’s an interesting angle to take and good to see the series giving something for the viewers to think about.

Linden and Holder bring the tattoo photo to her friend at the FBI who specializes in mob crimes and she tells him that the tattoo guy is linked to Janek.  While the agent says that he doesn’t recognize the tattoo, he does reveal that Larsen allegedly knocked off a guy, for Janek in order to get out of the mob.

As if the stresses of the Larsen case are not enough for Linden, she gets a call from an attorney telling her that her ex-husband is suing for joint custody for trying to move her son out of the country without his permission.

Holder and Linden try another approach in locating the boy with the Ogi Jun tattoo by going to Rosie’s old high school and asking her best friend if there was someone she was seeing before she was killed.  When they show her the tattoo she says that she recognizes it from a guy she saw once outside of Rosie’s home.  She reveals that Rosie was scared of this guy and that he had been in prison before.

Next they track down a young tattooer in a youth detention center to see if he did the Ogi Jun tattoo and finds out he did and that the kid’s name is Gifford.

Richmond is having a terrible time accepting his fate in a wheel chair and Jamie calls Gwen to find out what Darren was like at home so he can help the doctors make the transition easier for him when he’s at home alone. Gwen tells Jamie that he’s wasting his time and that it’s going to take a lot more then routine to get him back on his feet so to speak.  Adam shows up at the hospital acting supportive, but Richmond isn’t buying into it and he ends up deciding to withdraw from the race.  Jamie loses it on Richmond telling him that he has not been living out of his car fighting for him just so he could give up.  Richmond tries to fire him and takes a cheap shot at Gwen in a last ditch effort to push away the last person that is there for him.

Stan heads down to the local morgue to collect Belko’s body to ensure he gets a proper burial, but when he gets there he learns that the body was already picked up by a funeral home and that it was paid in full by Janek. When Stan returns home to mop out his trucks he finds a slippery, oily substance on the floor of one of them.  When he gets down closer on the floor he also finds bits of frayed wires.  Stan heads over to Janek’s to confront him and we see that Gifford works for him.  Janek admits that he cleaned up Beau Soleil and Stan goes crazy blaming him for Rosie’s death.

Gifford leaves Janek’s shop and heads home, but Holder is waiting for him and a chase ensues.  Gifford gets away and Holder calls it in to the station to get some more hands on deck, while he gets the superintendent to let him into the boy’s apartment. While in the apartment they find a Ogi Jun comic book and inside is a drawing of Rosie with lines crossed all over her face.

Linden meets up with a child services worker to learn more about Gifford and learns that Gifford was his adopted name, as it turns out he is Monica’s son – the son of the man Stan killed.

Photo: AMC

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