‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 1 finale: Reza’s bravery gives MJ confidence

Season 1 ends with a bang

On the last episode of ‘Shah’s of Sunset’ Reza confronted his father about abandoning him after his parents divorced and learns that his grandmother was influencing his father to walk away from Reza.  After a long talk, Reza and his father got all of their issues out on the table and are working towards giving their relationship another shot.  At girls night out GG and Anita confront MJ about her comments about Anita’s outfit in Las Vegas and an outsider at the table named Sunny gets involved in the conversation, and tries to call GG a ‘mean girl’.  GG is left wondering how the conversation got turned around on her and puts Sunny on blast, leaving everyone feeling fairly uncomfortable.

Tonight is the season 1 finale of ‘Shah’s of Sunset’ and although it was a short season, the cast members opened up enough of their lives to us that we are already on the edge of our seats for season 2 to start.

On tonight’s finale GG and Mike go to the gym together and do a cardio work out together.  After class they sit down to have a chat about work and life and Mike reveals that he’s still seeing Lana.  GG says she hasn’t really been on a date in years and as they are chatting it’s clear to everyone that there are some feelings between the two of them.  Mike tells GG that she’s a great catch and that any guy would be lucky to have her, but tells her that it will never happen for them and he doesn’t like it when she acts like a jealous girlfriend.  When they hug it out at the end of the conversation there’s some serious chemistry between them – Mike seems to be in denial.

Reza and MJ talk about the trip to New York City and how great Reza feels that he was able to work things out with his father.  He takes the opportunity to talk to MJ about the way her mother talks down to her, saying that all of her mother’s comments really bring her down and that it’s time to confront it.  Reza tells MJ that her mother doesn’t love her and MJ doesn’t agree, but he hopes that she will take his advice and talk openly with her mother.

MJ and Sammi decide to go out on blind double dates together and MJ is kind of excited because she hasn’t been out on a date in a while.  When they get to the date MJ has chosen a 26 year old beauty for Sammi, but when MJ meets her blind date she is shocked to see that her blind date is her ex-boyfriend, Naveed, that she had dated for a year – someone she broke up with because he was controlling and jealous.  MJ is feeling weird about the ‘blind date’ that’s not so blind, but plays along and stays for drinks.

As the date continues Naveed admits that he misses MJ, but his aggressive behavior, touching and ‘grabbing’ her in public is freaking her out, and honestly it’s freaking us out as the viewer as well.  Sammi doesn’t help her, so MJ’s friend steps in and takes Naveed aside to tell him to back off. MJ takes the opportunity to run out of the restaurant, abandoning the whole nasty situation.

After MJ’s terrible date she meets up with Reza and tells him about the whole crazy situation.  MJ is worried that she and Sammi’s friendship is on shaky ground, but after Mike calls and wants to celebrate a big deal he landed with the whole group, MJ is forced to face Sammi sooner than she thought.

GG is set up on a date with a guy named Adrian and after her talk with Mike at the gym she decides she wants to start showing people her softer side. GG starts talking about having a family on her first date with this guy and can’t seem to get her filter in check, so will we see this guy again?  Probably not, but we’re okay with that because we want to see her end up with Mike anyhow.

Asa asks journalist and friend Homa Shashir to meet with her for some professional advice.  Asa isn’t sure if she should stay true to herself or try to move her work into something more commercial so that it can be marketable to a larger community. Homa feels that she can stay true to herself and still move up in the industry so she suggests that Asa have her release party at her house and happily Asa accepts. At the release party Homa has invited all of her most influential friends to listen to Asa’s music and MJ, Sunny and Reza come to support her.  When Asa’s song finally premieres the whole room breaks out in dance and it’s even hard for us at home to stay still in our chairs.

MJ decides to meet up with Sammi privately before Mike’s dinner to talk about what happened, but Sammi is instantly on the defensive and trying to turn things around on MJ.  He said that he tried to call four or five other people and no one would accept the date when they heard her name.  The meeting ends with Sammi walking out and nothing is resolved.  Will the friendship make it through this rough spot?

MJ takes Reza’s advice and confronts her mother over lunch and lays it all out on the table, saying that being so critical about her is affecting her and making life harder on her then it needs to be. MJ’s mother turns it around on MJ saying that she is not successful (even though she totally is) and is not marriage material because of her own choices, not because of anything she did to MJ.  The conversation is painful to watch and we just want to reach through our television screens and hug MJ so tight and let her know how amazing we think she is.

What we love love loved about the season finale was the end of the episode when Reza’s father called him just to see how he was doing – a huge change from their relationship before the talk and totally made us tear up.

We cannot wait for season 2 of ‘Shahs of Sunset’; We are completely invested in the group and know that next season’s adventures are going to be even bigger and better than season one.

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