‘The Amazing Race 20’ review: Mark, Bopper, and a bad knee

Did they make it to first place?

For the second straight week, “The Amazing Race” made us incredibly jealous in one regard — the setting of the leg. The crater in Tanzania was one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen, as there were zebras, wildebeests, elephants, and all sorts of fantastic creatures against a green backdrop. For a few seconds, we almost forgot about the drama that was going to be coming up with a Double U-Turn. Almost.

The victims – In what actually ended up being a delightful bit of drama, Dave & Rachel and Art & JJ ended up making some sort of promise during the race that if one of them arrived to a Double U-Turn, they would go after Brendon & Rachel. However, Dave & Rachel decided not to use it on anyone when they arrived in fear of creating unnecessary drama for themselves. Art & JJ, meanwhile, went ahead and went after team “Big Brother,” thinking that they must have just arrived to the U-Turn spot first. When they realized that this was not the case, we witnessed a universal flip-out that was completely worthless, but absolutely entertaining.

Meanwhile, Brendon & Rachel of course went after their longtime rivals Vanessa & Ralph, but not before Rachel uttered a “shocker!” line that brought back fun memories of Daniele Donato.

Victory! – Away from the U-Turn drama, we actually had a fun chase for first place this week. Our beloved Mark & Bopper were desperate to score their first win, and thanks to a strong cab driver that allowed them to pass Rachel & Dave it looked as though this feat would be possible. However, there were also some injury problems from Mark here due to a bum knee that made them slower physically than some of the other teams.

This ended up turning into a footrace between the two teams, but Bopper’s knee held up long enough for them to finish in first place. Meanwhile, Dave pouted over a second-place finish and blamed his partner for slowing him down. (Boo hoo.) Art & JJ were in third, and they complained to Phil about Dave & Rachel. (Boo hoo again.)

Elimination drama – The Double U-Turns at least ended up making things interesting this week, mostly because Nary & Jamie started off being so far behind that it appeared as though they had no shot in the world of ever catching up. However, the gap was close to being closed by the time the Detour was completed by the U-Turned teams.

Unfortunately, there was still one other obstacle that the federal agents faced that no one else did — the Speed Bump. Thanks to this (small) bump in the road, Ralph & Vanessa had enough time in a leg that really didn’t do Nary & Jamie any favors. (What? No equalizer at all? It’s rare for the “Race” these days.) They needed someone to make an enormous mistake, and no one did.

What did you think about this episode, and how badly did this hour make you want to pack up for a safari?

Photo: ABC

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