‘Harry’s Law’ review: Harry faces losing the law firm to Sam

Who’s the hottest in the office?

Last week on ‘Harry’s Law’ Sam was furious at Harry after she negotiated a $3 million settlement with a client while he was nursing a nail gun wound to the head.  Harry was able to get her client Chloe to admit that her 9 year old child loaded a shotgun and killed her ex husband even though Chloe tried every avenue possible to cover up her daughter’s crime. Lisa spent her time at the office trying to find ways to drive Chunhua crazy, while Phoebe tried to snake Adam away from Harry to come and work for her instead.

On tonight’s episode of ‘Harry’s Law’, Harry is adamant that she won’t pay Sam back a penny of the money she won in the settlement while he was dealing with this head injury, but when Sam offers to drop the suit if Harry comes back to his firm she isn’t exactly sure how to respond to it since this is something she would never consider. They begin talking about the Lockerwood fundraiser that all the young hip law firms get invited to participate in every year to help raise money for St. Judes, saying that she will never get an invite if she doesn’t come back to the firm.

Harry tells Sam that they are entering their firm into the competition and she doesn’t need to come back.  She makes a bet with Sam that if she wins he will drop the lawsuit against her and if he wins she will give the money back.  The competition involves categories like ‘best looking attorney’ and ‘best looking couple’.  Oliver and Cassie agree to be entered in the completion in the ‘best looking couple’ category and they try to have the relationship talk again, seems like things are moving into a better direction for them now.

Chunhua is asked by Adam to enter the contest as ‘hottest assistant’, and she agrees.  Later when Adam is dining with Harry, she reveals that she is tired of the way people think about their law firm and that the companies that come and go are only trying to grab the young demo and end up burning out.  Harry is passionate about winning the contest and ready to take anyone down that gets in her way.

Sam later returns Harry’s office and goads her into doubling the bet – now Harry’s entire law firm is at stake, if they lose the competition they lose everything.

Tom tries to convince Amanda that he needs be entered into the competition as ‘most eligible bachelor’, but she refuses, no matter what sticky situation Harry is in.  When Tom tries to talk to Harry about Amanda not wanting him in the competition she won’t listen.

Jessica Donner’s parents come to Phoebe to get some legal advice as they are worried that their daughter is not only doing drugs but also selling them at school to other students.  Phoebe goes to the school to talk to Jessica and she says that she’s not dealing drugs and is making all of her money working at a restaurant, but when the principal goes through her locker it is revealed that she is dealing the morning after pill to underage girls at school.

Phoebe talks to Jessica and tells her that she will be arrested for selling prescription drugs to minors.  Jessica reveals that she’s not selling them to make a profit, but to make sure that they are available for everyone’s use as originally agreed on by the FDA before the Obama administration changed the law to make it not available to minors without a prescription.

In court Jessica says that she feels that pill should be offered to minors since it was FDA approved for minors to use.  The DA gets Donner to admit that knew she offered the pill to minors even though it was illegal for minors to have, but in the end Jessica is found not guilty by the jury.

At the Lockerwood competition Tom goes out on stage and gives it his all wowing the crowd with his suave tricks.  Amanda decides that if he’s going to go out there and give the ladies a show, then she will too and leaves very little to the imagination.  Harry’s office wins the three biggest categories; Hottest assistant, hottest bachelor over 50, and hottest couple, leaving Sam out in the cold and not only keeping the $3 million settlement, but also keeping her law firm right where it belongs.

Photo: NBC

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