‘Survivor: One World’ preview: Troyzan gets isolated — and goes bananas

Bananas, we say!

If Troyzan manages to make it somehow to the end of “Survivor: One World,” we more than expect him to turn into one of the characters from “Lord of the Flies.” He started out as a rather gentle, sympathetic guy who was happy to be there. Then, his ridiculous paranoia led to him getting rid of Michael; but then, and even greater amount of paranoia caused him to save his own hide at the expense of his pal Jay.

Based on what we have seen now from Wednesday night’s new episode, Troyzan is now going to move past the paranoia stage and head straight for full-on crazy. He’s loud, obnoxious, and shockingly arrogant for a man who is effectively on his own. Unless he wins immunity (which seems possible, given that the promo below suggests that he will be in contention), he’s pretty much a given to go out the floor. Who is going to want to work with a guy who is on the verge of full-fledged tribal meltdown? The only hope he has is that his hidden immunity idol is back in play, or if he can make an alliance with Christina, the remaining guys, and one of the other women and somehow give all of them an incentive that this is better than the current plan. (Outside of Christina, there really doesn’t seen to be any reason for one of the other ladies to jump ship yet — though Kat and Alicia would be smart to do something soon.)

If Troyzan does pull out an immunity win, you might as well snuff Leif’s torch now. He’s been a pretty strong competitor in challenges, and due to that and that alone he’s much more of a threat than the token “final three goat” of the season in Tarzan, who we really want to see make it to the end if for no other reason than to hear him give a speech.

Do you think that there is any way that Troyzan pulls off a win, or that a crack starts to form in the women’s alliance this week?

Photo: CBS

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