ABC’s ‘Castle’ preview: Adam Baldwin the new interference for Beckett

It’s Slaughtering time!

Castle” is set to return for a new episode Monday night after a week off the air, and there is going to be an entirely new challenge for Beckett when it comes to getting a potential relationship with Nathan Fillion’s character off the group. His name? Ethan Slaughter.

From a superficial standpoint, the idea of any “Firefly” reunion on a show is fantastic, and it is also nice to just see Baldwin on a show again following the “Chuck” finale in January. From the standpoint of this show, however, Castle asking questions about Baldwin’s character ends up causing some immediate tension between the two.

As if the previous video did not make it clear enough that Slaughter is trouble, the following video (which comes via “Access Hollywood“) should. Slaughter introduces Castle to a rough sort of police work not practiced by Beckett, and one that is also pretty frowned-upon by most everyone else in the department.

Nevertheless, Castle still seems intent on drawing some “inspiration” from the guy while getting plenty of cuts and bruises in the process.

Thanks to all of this emotional confusion, we are going to see the return of Beckett’s therapist! It’s obvious that there are some reasons for Stana Katic’s character to be so upset, but what the good doctor here reminds her of is that there are some reasons why Castle may be acting so distant in so sudden a way.

First of all, has she considered that he could be protecting himself from being emotionally hurt again? While she doesn’t know that Castle is aware of a certain memory that she kept following the shooting, is is made pretty clear here that (once again) she will have to do something soon if she wants to be together with her partner-in-crime.

In stepping away from Beckett, our final sneak peek from the episode takes a look at the rather fascinating character that is Slaughter. In order to work with him, Castle offers him his coat, only to discover that this gesture really amounts to absolutely nothing.

So what gets Slaughter to change his mind? Let’s just say that a certain relationship with the Mayor ends up being a rather valuable card to play.

Do you think that this could be the episode that (finally) gives us some substantial movement in the Castle / Beckett story, or are you just excited to see Baldwin on board regardless of anything else?

Photo: ABC

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