‘How I Met Your Mother’ preview: Mariachi music and a green dress

Feel the shame?

If you remember back to last season of “How I Met Your Mother,” then you remember a certain flash-forward that featured Ted wearing a rather disturbing green dress. Thankfully, we are about to get some equally-disturbing answers.

While the preview for Monday night’s new episode “Now We’re Even” does not feature a cross-dressing Ted, it does showcase some mariachi costumes that are more than likely to offend. (As for whether or not they are more offensive than the one Will Schuester wore on “Glee” while singing “La Cucaracha,” that is an entirely different story.) What these costumes show us more than anything is that despite being in a relationship, Barney is still desperate to prove that he is as much of a party guy as he has ever been (with the exception being telling random women that he is an astronaut / brain surgeon / direct descendant of a historical figure).

As for other major plot points, expect to see more of Ted and Robin’s current relationship explored … as well as the relationship between Lily and whoever it is that she “sleep-cheated” on Marshall with. Considering that “Even” is kicking off the home stretch of the season, we should be starting to see all sorts of answers moving forward in one way or another. We also wouldn’t object to seeing some more touching moments on a sitcom that has blended comedy and drama better than any other in recent memory.

Who do you think Lily is dreaming about, and what do you think the motivation is for the mariachi costumes here?

Photo: CBS

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