NBC’s ‘The Voice’ top 16 rankings: Jamar Rogers, Mathai among leaders

The first rankings are here.

Much as we have been doing here at the site for some time with our “American Idol” rankings, we will now be instituting the same exactly thing courtesy of “The Voice” for the next few weeks. Do we know the contestants as well? Not, but we have now seen at least three performances from all of them, and can assess what each bring to the show moving forward.

Since the coaches and we as voters are still doing so based on teams, we will rank accordingly. As always here at the page, we’re judging based both on performance quality along with perceived popularity.

Team Adam Levine

4. Katrina Parker – No offense to Katrina (who seems to be rather nice based on what we’ve seen), but we don’t really think she would have made it this far based on her wobbly past few performances had she been on a different team.

3. Pip – We loved everything that he did until he tried to become the new frontman for The Killers. While Pip may want to be a rock star, he really doesn’t seem to suit the part. If he sticks to some pop / indie styles, he could be much better off.

2. Tony Lucca – If we judge this based solely on viewer support, Tony would probably be at the top of the list. He’s received a great deal of screen time, has some celebrity friends, and we actually found his “In Your Eyes” to be quite beautiful. However, at the moment the coaches (who are deciding one person to sent home) are favoring Mathai.

1. Mathai – Mathai has the potential to be one of the last singers this season thanks to one reason — her tone. It’s soulful, but yet strange enough to be different. When every singer on a reality show starts to sound the same, these are the sort of people you beg to see.

Team Blake Shelton

4. Jermaine Paul – If you are looking for “The Voice” more so than someone who is a personality, than Jermaine won’t last too much longer. He nearly drowned in a sea of pitch problems on his last live performance, but he can at least say that his support kept him around despite being the first person to sing on his night (a terrible fate, indeed).

3. RaeLynn – Yes, she was the first contestant to perform on the show this season, and it is indeed possible that her fanbase from this will carry her for a while. The truth here, though, is that country music (even with pop leanings) on talent shows is overplayed.

2. Jordin Unga – Even though she needed Blake Shelton to save her in order to still be around, her final “save me” performance was rather incredible. She also has going for her the fact that an extra performance can go a long way when you have a relatively weak team around you.

1. Erin Willett – We’re taking a major gamble here with Erin. She has the best voice out of the four people remaining in this group, but is also the least charismatic. This isn’t a blind audition anymore, and we need to see more out of Erin beyond just her vocals.

Team Cee Lo Green

4. James Massone – James is a good-looking guy, and the screams last week made it fairly obvious how the ladies feel about him. Unfortunately, he also has a rather airy tone that he is going to need to project with if he wants to make it any further than this.

3. Chessa – Chessa has a rather different problem on the show at the moment. She actually is a remarkable vocalist, but she is coming on TV at a time where we already have Pia Toscano, Melanie Amaro, Hollie Cavanagh, and Jessica Sanchez in our minds. Do we need another big-voiced ballad singer?

2. Juliet Simms – Juliet would probably be #1 on at least two other teams here, but this just goes to show how strong Cee Lo’s team is compared to some of the others. She’s easily the best female rock singer left, and the right songs could carry her into the final round.

1. Jamar Rogers – Jamar is not only the best on Cee Lo’s team at the moment, he’s the best in the entire competition. He’s a thrilling entertainer with a great voice, an inspiring story, and a genuine knack for performing that 85% of these contestants lack. If he’s not declared the winner at the end of this, we’ll be rather stunned.

Team Christina Aguilera

4. Ashley de la Roza – We don’t necessarily think that Christina’s team is the worst of the season, but it is the one where there are a few singers that are a bit harder to differentiate. For example, we still get Ashley and Lindsey confused.

3. Lindsey Paveo – Lindsey proved to be strong enough to not need Christina’s vote to advance, but that may actually be a disadvantage now. Why? Ashley’s performed an additional time on the show, and that’s a big deal when there is only so many performances we have seen.

2. Jesse Campbell – Jesse is probably the consensus favorite on this team for many, and he’s vocally-talented enough to deserve it. The problem? We don’t see anything in his skill set that branches him out beyond anything we have seen already, and it’s going to be harder for him to win later on.

1. Chris Mann – We’ve been consistent about our love for Chris throughout this season, and we do think he’ll be representing Christina’s team at the finale. He’s the only classical singer, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he has a bit of “Glee” following to go along with his extraordinary talent.

Who is your favorite at the moment among some of these singers? As always, we love to hear your comment below! Check back late Monday for a full review of this week’s performance show.

Photo: NBC

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