‘Glee’ music preview: Lea Michele, Naya Rivera score ‘Glee-Ver’ solos

Disco is back — for one night.

With Tuesday night’s new episode of “Glee” inching ever closer, we now have something sure to get everyone dancing a few days in advance — at least so long as you like disco.

We anticipate “Saturday Night Glee-Ver” being a rather polarizing episode to the show base. Older fans may find it a fun tribute, while young viewers will probably end up wondering why disco ever existed to begin with. At least the actors managed to have plenty of fun with some of the songs featured in the hour — and is often the case during such theme episodes, there are plenty (which does inherently cause us to worry about the plot).

“How Deep is Your Love,” Lea Michele – It’s strange that we actually went a full episode without hearing Rachel Berry’s voice, but the good news here is that she is tackling one of the Bee Gees’ greatest hits here. It’s soft, beautiful, and most importantly relevant to what is actually going with Rachel and Finn at the moment.

“If I Can’t Have You,” Naya Rivera – Doesn’t Santana already have Brittany? While we don’t necessarily understand why she is singing this song, Naya does a solid job with the rather cut-and-dry arrangement that she is given when compared to the original track.

“Disco Inferno,” Amber Riley – Our favorite song of the entire episode. Not only does Riley completely kill this disco classic, but Mercedes is the perfect person to be tackling this song. We also love it to see women tackle songs originally performed by men, and vice-versa.

“Boogie Shoes,” Alex Newell – We know Alex wasn’t the most-popular cast member on “The Glee Project” — and we are already worried that he is being pigeonholed into having to dress in drag since he is much more than that — but we do really link how his voice works in this song. He shows some range, and it’s one of the more dance-worthy tracks on this list.

“More Than a Woman,” Cory Monteith, Naya Rivera, and Chris Colfer – Is it possible that a song can sound too much like the original to be interesting? Outside of Santana’s vocals, this song is just too soundalike for our taste.

“Night Fever,” Kevin McHale, Darren Criss, and Matthew Morrison – The same problem really impacts “Night Fever,” and it poses an interesting question. Is this episode better with the actors trying to sound like the Bee Gees rather than being themselves? We like the song, though, and we actually wish Will Schuester had more opportunities to sing in this genre, since disco seems suited for his voice.

“Staying Alive,” the Glee cast – We are going to sound like a broken record here, but if you can’t tell who is singing what, it’s a bit of a problem for a show where so many of the characters are recognizable. Despite this being quite possibly the most iconic “Saturday Night Fever” song, it’s not the best part of this tribute.

“You Should Be Dancing” – Darren Criss, Harry Shum Jr., and Heather Morris – We wanted to close with something great, and we actually think this cover is the best of the group routines. While there is still plenty of falsetto, there is enough vocal range for us to at least know who is singing what. Plus, we always love it when Mike Chang and Brittany get some love.

What are your favorite “Glee-Ver” songs at the moment? Check back on Monday, as we will have a preview showing some more individual scenes from the episode!

Photo: Fox

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