‘Shark Tank’ review: Blondie’s Cookies, ViewSPORT, and Copa di Vino

The sharks came out to play.

We’ve long admitted that we are crazy for “Shark Tank” — whether it’s Kevin O’Leary’s laughter, the creative inventions, and the moments where we are genuinely shocked at how much money people think their companies are worth.

Luckily, this week’s installment contained a little bit of everything.

Blondie’s Cookies – Take Mrs. Fields and combine Paula Deen, and you pretty much have Blondie — an enthusiastic CEO of a cookie company who was advertising her product more than anything that was necessarily that creative.

Truth is, the cookies looked delicious, and this is enough to make us want one if we are ever in Indiana or Florida. The problem? These are two random locations for Blondie to open a chain, and her decision to branch out too fast put her in dept. Too much debut for any of these sharks to be interested.

Ben Wood, ViewSPORT – As a concept, we thought this was smart — a line of clothing that will change depending on how much you sweat. It’s motivating, fashionable, and something different in a drab industry of workout clothes.

While the technology was not revolutionary enough to win over the sharks, we did love seeing our pal Cody Deal make a cameo appearance here as the man showing off the clothes. (Be sure to check out Cody on the Cinemax series “The Girl’s Guide to Depravity.”)

Mark Sullivan – At this point in time, we are pretty sure that Mark is either a really smart science guy who is too all over the place, or a villain in a James Bond movie. His invention was something rather creative — harnessing the energy from what was effectively a man-made hurricane, and turning into electricity as well as … gold. Seriously. This idea may actually work on a large scale, but to be honest we really don’t have any idea what in the world he was saying and cannot judge it accordingly. To be fair, the sharks also seemed clueless — and $1 million is way too much to spend on a gamble.

James Martin, Copa di Vino – This may very well be one of the craziest stories we’ve ever seen on this show. James was here previous with this single-serve wine product, and it was a smart idea then. The problem? He didn’t want to sell off his idea without his own wine being involved.

This time around, there was a bigger problem — the evaluation of his company. James rightfully wanted more money for his business that Mark, Robert, and Kevin were willing to give with $600,000 for a combined 30% stake. While it’s understandable that he may be worth more, you’re also getting resources! He’s the first person to ever come on the show twice, and he is also the first person to ever make a mistake on just as many occasions. We still scratch our heads at a guy who could have more money than he could dream of, but decides to go his own way instead.

In the end, this was a rare episode without a single deal made — and while we still love the show, we do love to see things work out. Let’s pull for some better success stories next time.

Photo: ABC

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