‘Community’ review: A Carnie, a Blade, and a Britta / Troy moment

Who has feelings now?

There’s something rather magical about how a show can take a concept as ridiculous as falling in love with a carnie and make it great, but “Community” manages to do this time and time again.

We understand that there are criticisms out there that Britta has become too over-the-top, and those of you who feel that way probably did not love her obsessing over a guy to the point where she became a bona fide member of a “Celebrity Rehab” show. As for everyone else, you probably found this to be sheer brilliance. There were so many reasons why this story worked out so well, and how it became an anchor for everything else in the episode:

-The carnie’s name being Blade, and how this set up a Troy and Abed viewing party for the film that only furthered Britta’s addiction.

-Dean Pelton using the gathering to try and coax Troy into joining the air conditioning repair school via John Goodman, who we are starting to get the sense really does not have that much of a purpose anymore.

-Britta’s attempts to give in to her addiction by trying to appeal to Annie’s long-standing desire to be loved in a sisterly way, but then Annie conversely tricking Britta by reprogramming her phone so that all of her messages to Blade went to her instead.

We could go really on and on here, but we love how it was actually Troy saying one thing nice to Britta (a move that probably made Broy — or Tritta? — ‘shippers proud) via text that caused her to be over Wade rather than a million mean things from Annie. It should a great deal about why Britta is attracted to the men that she is, and also why the tiny bit of a heart that is inside Jeff may still be too much for her to bear, even if Jeff spent most of the episode trying to figure out what it was about the carnie that Britta loved so much to begin with — and it just so turned out to be the lack of a grip he had on the world.

What this episode proved to us more than anything else is that no show pulls the romantic fake-out better than “Community.” Whether it be Troy/Britta, Jeff/Britta, Jeff/Annie, even Abed/Annie Dan Harmon and the writers are smart enough to know the meaning of restraint. Give the audience a little bit, but not go all the way. Plus, these characters are probably too neurotic to actually function in a real relationahip together, anyway.

So thanks to “Community” for producing another wonderful show — we were a little worried about the payoff to Blade’s appearance, but once Jeff found out his true secret to success our heart melted into a puddle on the floor … and then we rolled around in it laughing.

Photo: NBC

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