‘The Pauly D Project’ episode 3 review: Fights and fist-pumping

It’s a “Project” to understand.

Three episodes into “The Pauly D Project,” we may need to petition to change its name to “The Screaming Show.” Why? There was so much senseless fighting during this episode that we almost feel like starting a fight with ourselves right now.

Round 1 – Ryan vs. some random guy in the club! In Pauly’s first-ever show during his resident, his former club managed decided to get in the face of some guy who was shouting about some sunglasses while a giant creepy head floated around amidst a mob of fist-pumpers. The only thing sadder than this is that this is really the third time that Ryan has already caused problems this season.

Round 2 – Women in Pauly’s suite! Jerry had one of the best lines of the night as he said that one of the favorite parts of his job was seeing how far people are willing to go to make Pauly interested in them.

Round 3 – It was pretty much round 2 all over again, except with another woman who got so smashed she started to ruin Pauly’s chances with everyone else in the club. There wasn’t as much screaming in this one thanks to Jerry — but he did dodge a major bullet.

Overall, we found this episode to be somewhere in between the ho-hum premiere and the strong second episode. We did have some fun moments, but really what we were most interested in happened in the final minutes — Pauly found a woman that he actually connected with in Christina, and she is someone willing to challenge him on a level that does not include getting everything he wants right away.

Are you enjoying this show three episodes in?

Photo: MTV

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