‘Grey’s Anatomy’ review: It won’t be pretty, but it will work

Get out your hankies.

Despite the title of our article coming courtesy of Richard Webber, we find it rather applicable to what was going on this week on “Grey’s Anatomy” pretty much throughout.

For Cristina and Owen, the title in indicative of the two trapping themselves indoors and slowly driving each other insane. For Cristina, this was certainly justified — she’s still trying to get over Owen’s cheating, and while hearing the intimate details about the affair didn’t really help anything they were still important for her to hear.

The beauty of Sandra Oh as an actress is that she captured the pain of this experience perfectly, as well as the off-the-rails behavior that Cristina exhibited when she realized that she was locking herself up and “crying over a boy” when she could be focusing on the boards. As dramatic (and incredibly depressing) as this was, we actually think that Cristina handled the news rather well — especially when she realized that Owen was subconsciously acting out of revenge over what Cristina did to him with their unborn child. This was enough to make the two “over” … at least for now. Will they get through this? We still think so, but they’re going to have to go through some more soul-searching (and crying, and possibly breakdowns) before that happens. We’re using the title because we still feel pretty confident about this.

While Cristina and Owen were going through their self-mandated imprisoning, Meredith, Derek, and pretty much all of Seattle Grace were feeling the impact of their absence (which was supposedly due to the flu). Mark was acting as the Chief of Surgery, and it led to Webber having to overrule him to try to save a life. With everyone else distracted, it also meant that the responsibilities of planning a ladies’ night with Teddy fell on the reluctant shoulders of Callie and Arizona — who, as we are pleased to report, areactually continuing to be the one genuinely happy couple on the show at the moment.

What did you think about this episode, especially when it comes to how the writers handled the Cristina / Owen drama?

Photo: ABC

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