‘American Idol’ top 7 results: The Jessica Sanchez story

Who went home?

We are admittedly still stunned by the end result of the “American Idol” voting public picking up their phones — but was it, and this very person go home? Read on if you are okay with being spoiled on the end result.

Before we get to the actual voting, though, we have some performances to touch on:

The top 7, “Raise Your Glass” – This felt like something out of “The Glee Project,” and we’re still trying to digest the fact that at one point Phillip was gently stroking Colton’s hair. (We can imagine the fanfiction already.)

James Durbin, “Higher Than Heaven” – We don’t really think that James needed the voice box, mostly because it limited his movement a little bit. With that being said, this may be one of the best pure rock performances we have seen on “Idol.” We’re glad that James is actually given the opportunity to perform the music he wants, and not just some watered-down rock designed solely for the mainstream.

Jennifer Hudson, “Think Like a Man” – Isn’t it ironic that on a show with a shocking elimination, one of the most shocking eliminations ever came on and performed? Jennifer of course was phenomenal, and the presence of Ne-Yo was an extra treat.

Now we return to the part of this that is going to leave your jaw on the floor — which was delayed for as long as possible so that Nigel Lythgoe could pull the ridiculous stunt involving grouping people together and then forcing someone

Group 1

Hollie Cavanagh – She should be in the bottom two after a listless and sleepy rendition of Pink, but she has proven to have a pretty solid fan following.

Phillip Phillips – We’ve warmed up to his personality, but there’s no denying at this point that his vocals and musical style are limited in a competition like this.

Colton Dixon – We’ll armchair-quarterback Colton and say that he was far better than we initially gave him. It was subtle, moving, and better upon each viewing.

Group 2

Jessica Sanchez – There’s no way in the world that Jessica should ever be in the bottom this entire season. While she still could work to show off more of a sense of humor, her vocals are outstanding and far beyond anyone else in this competition.

Elise Testone – She’s getting rather used to the bottom three at this point. but she did muster a comeback with “You and I” Wednesday.

Joshua Ledet – He was the standout act Wednesday, and if the “Idol” powers-that-be are nice we are going to see him in a final two with Jessica.

After these groups were put together, Skylar Laine was handed over to Group 1, and they were all the top 4. Yes, both Jessica and Joshua were in the bottom 3 this week. Ridiculous? Definitely. It may also e the worst “Idol” voting result we’ve ever seen since the bottom three should have been exactly what Jimmy Iovine said: Elise, Phillip, and Hollie, with the latter being sent packing.

Elise was declared safe, and then Jessica — who we’ve put at the top of our rankings for several weeks this season — was in danger. Well, she was sort of in danger. Steven Tyler revealed during the bottom 3 reveal that he was going to be voting to use the save, and Jessica was of course spared thanks to a unanimous vote. We don’t think that we have ever seen Randy so angry … and deservedly so.

As for what Jessica can do to avoid this moving forward, she needs to try her best to connect more from the standpoint of her personality — it’s admirable that she works hard, but she is also a teenager. Have a little fun! Admittedly, she was also likely hurt by picking an obscure song during the performance show.

Even though the save was ultimately used, just how angry are you at the voting public at this very moment?

Photo: Fox

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