‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Jay Byars on Troyzan’s idol, Bill disaster

Jay: way too

Jay Byars seemingly had everything going for him on “Survivor: One World” — he was a physical guy with some southern charm, and he was really the only person on the original Manono tribe who thought giving up tribal immunity was a bad idea.

Unfortunately for him, his time in the game was cut short due to anĀ unimaginableĀ mistake in the game — giving up an immunity necklace for food, and then deciding to put all of his trust in an alliance with Kim and some other women who had ulterior motives. With that, we ended up in a conference call with him this afternoon.

Cartermatt.com – So take us through what happened at Tribal Council. Do you think that the vote switched to you when the women found out that Troyzan had the immunity idol, or was this their plan even before that news came out?

Jay Byars – I think once the news of Troy’s idol started floating around at Tribal, I think that’s when the votes swung back to me. Had I known about his idol earlier, maybe there could have been some work with me, him, Tarzan, and Christina to get on the same page. But it was too little, too late at that time.

Let’s go back to when Bill was eliminated, mostly because you were one of the only people with any sense of sanity to question the move. Why ultimately go along with it?

You’re exactly right, man. I knew right then and there that it was going to come back and bite us, and it was super-idiotic. But at that point in time with that group of guys and me, [Bill], and Mike on the bottom 3, I didn’t want to be the only one to disapprove. If they were willing to give up immunity and send a guy home, they would easily put my name on the chopping block. I hated it, but I thought it was best to go with it to save my butt in the long run.

I know you regret [taking] the chicken wings now, but I have to ask — were they at least good?

They were good! I had a nice side of ranch dressing to dip them in, the beer was ice cold, I got to trade a little bit of beer for candy, and I had a nice full stomach on my exit.

With Jay gone and with Troyzan’s idol played, do you think any of the remaining men have an actual chance of taking done the all-women alliance?

Photo: CBS

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