‘Grey’s Anatomy’ preview: Cristina gets the (full?) story

Some — or all — will be revealed.

During last week’s new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” we were frustrated at times to see that the story we ultimately cared about the most — the relationship between Cristina and Owen — ended up being the one that was largely put on the back burner in lieu of a lion roaming around the city and Alex’s love life.

Thankfully, that’s not going to happen this week as we end up receiving the story behind Owen’s affair, including where it started. To make this all the more uncomfortable, the entire story will be told to Cristina in a series of flashbacks (just so we can get her facial reactions to it all).

On a different note, doesn’t the “other woman” here look like a hybrid of Nancy Travis and Sarah Jessica Parker?

With Cristina and Owen both “sick,” we are going to see someone else ultimately take over as Chief that has many heads nearly turning around 360 degrees in horror — Mark. Why not let the guy have a chance? The only thing more entertaining than the doctors’ reaction to his announcement is the fact that they all look like they are attending the Last Supper while they hear it.

Since “Grey’s” has so much on their plate to cover for the next few weeks, there is also going to be a tremendous focus placed on some other key events that are just around the bend: the boards. Specifically, Meredith and Callie are going to have a heart-to-heart about whether or not our Dr. Grey is really going to be ready enough to make her dreams of getting through the test a reality.

The only thing harder for Callie to deal with at the moment than Meredith is remembering that she agreed to take Teddy out for a night on the town to help her get over her post-Henry¬†depression. As for what sort of strategy she is taking so that she herself can get through it, let’s just say that she is recruiting some friends to help her out.

As always, check back after Thursday night’s “Support System” airs for a full review!

Photo: ABC

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