‘Duck Dynasty’ review: Double the duck, double the fun

That was one big duck call!

This week A&E decided to air two episodes of ‘Duck Dynasty’ giving fans double the duck and double the fun.  In the first episode called ‘Leave It to Beavers’ Phil is facing his arch nemesis again as beavers destroy his trees and block up his water ways leaving his land in danger of becoming duckless.  He enlists the help of the Robertson men to use Si’s homemade napalm and other assorted bombs to get rid of the pesky critters that are threatening to destroy his land.

While Miss Kay is at home making jam, she comes up with the idea to run her own restaurant since feeding the Robertson’s is a lot like cooking for a restaurant full of patrons anyways – patrons that don’t pay that is.  When she runs her idea by the men, they don’t seem all that enthused about it, but after a local restaurateur offers Miss Kay one day of running his place to see if she likes it, she jumps at the chance dragging the men along for the ride.

On Miss Kay’s big day at the restaurant she has the help of her boys wives chopping and preparing food, but the men are nowhere to be found. Finally the men show up to help, 30 minutes late and without Phil who has decided that his time was better spent finding the elusive beaver.  The men are sent out to serve the patrons while Si is setting the grill on fire and cooking up a stack of burgers and hot dogs regardless of the fact that they are not on the menu.  At the end of the day, Miss Kay realizes that running a restaurant is not really what she wants to do and lets the boys off the hook.

The second episode called ‘A Big Duck-ing Call’ follows Willie and Jase’s dream of creating the world’s biggest duck call for the Duck Commander’s 40th year anniversary party.  They learn that the biggest duck call through the Guinness book of world records is 36 inches, but instead of making it 37 inches and having someone come along and make a 38 inch one later, Jase decides it should be four and a half feet long. After having numerous problems with the giant duck call, including it exploding while on a sanding machine, Willie tells his wife that the giant duck call is going to be a bust for the party.  She tells him that the news reporters have already been called and are coming to the party so he better find a way to make that thing work.

Miss Kay is getting tired of her home constantly falling apart and is convinced by Willie that it might be time for them to look at moving into a newer home.  Phil reluctantly agrees to look at new homes with a Realtor, but quickly realizes that this guy has no clue what kind of home Phil and Miss Kay really need.  The Realtor shows them a mansion with five kitchens as well as a house that backs onto a golf course leaving Phil wondering how he’s going to be able to pee in his own yard with a golf course so close?  They finally decide that the house tours are over and they are going to stick with their home.

At the 40th year anniversary party the giant duck call is revealed, but when Willie asks Jase if he tested it, Jase says no, but he has a plan and it involves a leaf blower.  When Jase tries to get the duck call to work, at first nothing really happens, but with a little persistence he gets the duck call to work.  The whole feat was wildly impressive, even for viewers like us that have no clue about duck calls – it was really something to see.

Do you think Miss Kay and Phil should move?  Were you worried when the giant duck call exploded all over Jase and Willie? And what about Phil’s battle with the beavers – who do you think will end up being victorious?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: A&E

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