‘Survivor: One World’ review: Troyzan sees the light

He’s a fighter.

After an entire season of ridiculous decisions and bad moves, we are pleased to report that we finally have a man on “Survivor: One World” with some sort of understanding that the game is afoot (thanks, Tarzan!), and that he needs to do something in order to save his hide. Troyzan, ladies and gentleman, has arrived.

Unfortunately, little did he know that he was aligned with someone who may be among the top five most insane players to ever play the game. We don’t want to say “dumb,” mostly because we think that Jay is a smart dude who looks like a blast to be around. He’s just crazy for thinking that a group of women would want to keep him despite an all-male jury at the moment.

The winners

Troyzan – Do we realize that Troyzan is likely going to be voted out next week? Definitely. Do we totally respect him a million times more than last week? Also definitely. While Troyzan let his disdain for Michael cloud his judgement last week, he at least realized now that the women are out to get the guys one by one.

Troyzan did everything right when it comes to saving his hide from elimination. Had he played an idol and not said anything to Jay, he would have lost his trust entirely. He can’t, unfortunately, control what the guy does. He also came up with a smart move to try and get rid of Kim, but it didn’t up working thanks to Jay and a few select people not having the guts to make a big move.

Kim – Eventually, Kim realized that she had to make a big move between alliances; however, what she did not realize was just how big of a target she put on her back.

We still think Kim has played as perfect of a game as any player ever, mostly because she’s finding ways to keep herself safe even when people around her start to act out. At the moment she is starting to find herself in a position that Boston Rob and Coach were in the past two seasons. Luckily, she has an immunity idol that she can play, and she was smart not to play it this week with everyone still under her thumb.

Chelsea – If Kim takes Chelsea to the end, she could be in trouble. People seem to like her, and they will likely respect her staying in the immunity challenge until the very end rather than giving up food.

The biggest problem Chelsea has is that she’s too nice, and she’s not enough of a strategic player to make a big move. However, she’s not going to be worried about this for some time.

Tarzan – At this point, the best Tarzan can hope for is getting to finish third. So far, he’s doing a great job of that. The best part about Tarzan? He’s not getting shoved down our throat like Phillip Sheppard was, so we’re not getting tired of his shtick yet.

Bad, bad Jay.

The losers

Jay – What Jay did here was not as ridiculous as giving away your immunity necklace, but it sure wasn’t the right thing to do. In telling the women that Troyzan had an idol, he sealed his own fate without knowing it.

If Jay had just shut his mouth and convinced Leif and Tarzan to vote for Alicia, he would have at least sent enough votes in her direction to tie things up and made things interesting. Instead, he shifted the focus of the women to him, and he received the majority of the votes. Oops? We’ll at least have plenty to talk with Jay about in our exit interview Thursday afternoon.

Leif – Leif’s just not doing anything to get himself out of trouble. If Troyzan wins immunity, he’s going home next. At least Troyzan tried to make a big move this week.

As for why we don’t have anyone else here, it’s simple — there really aren’t any other major players who did silly things, and it seems to be cut-and-dry next week between Troyzan and Leif unless someone makes a big move. And no one seems ready to do that.

What did you think about Jay’s dubious decision this week to tell the women about Troyzan’s plan, and do you think there is any way that a man can actually win this season at this point? Even if the next few weeks seem predictable, we have to admit that we are loving what is strategically the most entertaining (and insane) season since “Gabon.” Yes, we said it, one of the most underrated seasons ever.

Photo: CBS

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