‘Best Ink’ review: Jessica steps up as Roman steps back

Who was eliminated

Last week on ‘Best Ink’ the group was brought to the Automobile Driving Museum for their flash challenge where they were asked to create a painting inspired by the stunning cars featured in the lot.  The canvases they were using were human, but instead of using a tattooing needle and ink they were using paint. Roman wins the flash challenge and is awarded a double vote in elimination. The ink challenge this week was to tattoo a pinup girl, but Roman and his client can’t agree and walks out on him.  Roman gets a back up skin and it proves to be victorious for him because he ends up winning the ink challenge. As for who ended up packing up their needles and going home, Meghan was the artist sent home by the judges.

This week on ‘Best Ink’ after Meghan left the remaining contestants returned to the house to find a heartfelt letter left by Meghan to everyone in the house.  After discussing what they think the flash challenge will be this time, Roman reveals that he doesn’t want to do any more flash challenges because he just wants to focus on tattooing.

At the Flash challenge the group is brought to a big beautiful rose garden where they meet up with Kim to find out what the challenge will be.  They learn that they will have to create a design on canvas using flowers that tells an emotional story about their lives.

Charlie uses her canvas to tell the story of her wedding day, while Jon wants to share his story of when he was a tattoo apprentice. Kyle creates a bouquet of flowers and each flower represents someone he cares about like his girlfriend and his child as well as his love for them and the bottom part of his canvas is chaos, showing how he feels being away from them.  Nicky focuses his story on his horrific car accident and Alexis remembers her friend who passed away from a substance abuse in high school.  Jessica creates a piece that is in memory of her father and London’s thoughts are of his mother.

Roman on the other hard is struggling to come up with a concept after admitting that he’s “not really an emotional guy”.  After saying that he’s not here to “pick flowers” he decides to give up on the flash challenge, leaving the other artists confused and disappointed in him for not stepping up.

Tempers start to flare when Jon makes a comment about Jessica not being a real artist and when Jon comes over to talk to Jessica, she throws a tissue at him and walks away from her station in tears.  Jessica pulls herself together and returns to her project deciding that she isn’t going to let anyone break her.

When the judges take a look at the final products they are impressed with a lot of the work, but felt that London missed the mark when it came to the emotional side of the challenge.  Roman was a completely different story – when they saw his finished product they asked him what it says about him as an artist to just give up, but Roman’s only response was that he was angry.  The judges say that he is being disrespectful to the other artists by not bringing anything to the table and not taking the challenge seriously.

Kyle and Alexis are chosen as the two strongest artists, but Kyle ends up winning the flash challenge and was awarded with the advantage to have first choice at the skins in the ink challenge. This is Alexis’ third time in a row coming in second place in a flash challenge and her frustration starts to build.

At the ink challenge the artists will create a commemorative tattoo for their skin and immediately Roman isn’t interested in doing emotional tattoos, saying that he wants to tattoo what he wants.   When it comes time to meet the skins, they each tell their emotional story as to why they want to get tattooed and as the artists each pick their skin base on which story inspired them the most, Roman picks his based on which skin color is best for tattooing.

Tonight’s guest judge at elimination is Aaron Carter who seemed like a strange choice since he has no actual tattooing experience, but has a few commemorative tattoos.  Is this enough to really make him a tattoo judge?  We don’t thinks so, but his presence on the show was likely good for ratings.

The judges were happy with most of the tattoos, especially Jessica and Charlie’s work.  Roman didn’t want to make his skin’s tattoo really emotional even though it was a commemorative tattoo, so when he convinced her to change her original idea, one of the things she really wanted to keep was her father’s initials’, but Roman didn’t include them and she brought that up at judging.  The judges were not impressed with the tattoo, saying that it didn’t look like a commemorative piece and that they didn’t understand his unwillingness to co-operate with the skins.  Roman admitted that he’s used to doing what he wants in his own business and doesn’t like people telling him what to do, saying that he turns people into ‘robots’.

The group goes back to the house to vote for who should be up for elimination and Roman says that he should go home since this competition is not what he thought it would be.  London decides not to vote for Roman based on his wanting to leave and decides to vote for who he thought had the weakest tattoos.

Back at elimination Jessica and Charlie are called to the platform first and are told that they are the top two artists this week, but when it came to a winner Charlie took the top spot.  As for the bottom three Jessica, Roman and Jon were nominated by their peers, but because the judges picked Jessica as one of the top two they removed her from the bottom. In the end Roman told the judges that he wants to walk away from the competition and the judges are disappointed by his decision.  Jon is safe and Roman leaves the competition.

Photo: Oxygen, Best Ink

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