‘Vampire Diaries’ scoop: Ian Somerhalder dishes on Damon, Elena romance

Is it time for Damon and Elena to find love?

As much as ‘Vampire Diaries’ fans love the idea of Damon and Elena becoming the hot new it couple on the show, they are also getting tired of the show toying with their hearts (getting them almost together then breaking them apart) and are starting to wonder if Damon and Elena will ever end up being together or will Elena always just be out of reach for him.

Somerhalder spoke to E! News about Damon and Elena’s relationship and tried his best to give the fans a little insight into Damon and Elena’s future, without giving everything away.  Ian reveals that Elena is really confused about how she feels when it comes to Damon and Stefan and promises that by the season finale fans will have a chance to really see just how deeply Damon cares for her.  Ian said;

“I think that Elena is extremely confused, but she’s being very honest about it. She’s extremely honest about her feelings for Damon and she’s extremely honest about her feelings for Stefan. I think that her seeking out the way she feels about either one of them, where her heart ultimately needs to be and how it all works is going to make for some really good story telling. I know that the season finale, the relationship between the two of them, you see how much Damon cares about her.”

Whether Elena ends up with Stefan or Damon one camp of fans will be left feeling angry about the results, but afters three seasons of a Damon/Elena relationship tease, the timing seems right for this romance to finally happen, otherwise the story is just getting played out.

Vampire Diaries’ returns to the CW on April 19 – will you be watching?

Photo: CW

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