‘Glee’ episode spoilers: What are Brittany and Santana doing?

Does the unicorn know the secret?

Following Tuesday night’s new episode of “Glee” (read our full review here), we had a chance to check out the first promo for next Tuesday’s appropriately-naed episode “Saturday Night Glee-ver.” When it comes to theme, the title is pretty self-explanatory — but there is still plenty to talk about here anyway!

-There aren’t going to be many people on board with doing a tribute to disco music. (Translation: no one under the age of 30 is going to be on board with doing a tribute to disco music.)

-Somehow, Brittany and Santana find themselves find themselves in a scandal that the Paris HIltons and the Kim Kardashians of the world can relate to … maybe. Is it possible that Ryan Murphy is off cackling somewhere after screwing with the hearts of Brittana fans everywhere?

-For some reason, the pregnancy seems to be turning Sue Sylvester into a much happier (but still complicated person). She seems thrilled with New Directions taking on disco — but if she really wants them to win Nationals so badly for her own benefit, why make them sing a soundtrack that they clearly aren’t into? (On a different note, get ready to see Sue boogie down!)

What do you think about this promo?

Photo: Fox

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