‘Top Shot’ review: Teams merge and face double elimination

Who went home?

Last week on ‘Top Shot’ Dylan’s elimination leaves the blue team trying to pick up the pieces of their broken team as they try to find a way to unify against the red team for the upcoming challenge.  The gun of choice in the challenge was the Webley Mark VI where the contestants were told to focus on speed and accuracy. When they get to the challenge they have to shoot out bottles that are moving back and forth and and it quickly becomes clear that accuracy is the key to winning.   With the red team having an extra member, Gabriela is sat out by the blue team taking out one of their players that has strong skills with accuracy. Even without Gabriela the red team destroys the blue team, leaving Greg and Terry up for elimination. For the elimination challenge the men are equipped with a Lee-Enfield rifle where they have to shoot a target as many times as they can in one minute.  At the end of the challenge Terry ends up going home leaving Greg victorious once again.

This week on ‘Top Shot’ Gabriela and Chee are enjoying a bit of a flirty friendship, and although Chee admits that he would want to take it to a romantic level, it would have to be another place and time – not during the competition.

The red and blue teams merge into one green team where everyone is out for themselves now and Gabriela is the first woman to make it to the merge in ‘Top Shot’ history. The contestants will be firing the Accuracy International AX338 sniper rifle and two former Top Shot veterans return to help them get comfortable with the gun. The experts immediately feel that Chris is a natural with the gun, but Gabriela who had no experience with the gun previously was almost perfect with her shooting and will likely give Chris a run for his money.

At the individual challenge Colby tells them that they will be focusing on the long shot and the team learns that the target is set out at 1500 yards – almost one mile away and they have 10 minutes or 20 rounds to hit the target and once they hit it, time stops.  They also learn that this challenge is an elimination challenge and the top four shooters will stay, the next three are eligible for elimination and the bottom person will be sent packing.

The competition was fierce, but when the challenge is complete Augie, Chee, Gary, Greg are safe while William, Kyle, Chris are up for nomination.  Chee was the last person to shoot and his success knocked Gabriela out of the competition and she is immediately eliminated.  Chee and Gabriela are both emotional when saying their goodbyes and their blossoming romance will have to wait for another day.

After Gabriela goes home the group discusses who will go up for elimination and they decide that it will be Kyle and Chris. The team casts their votes at the nomination ceremony and although Kyle and Chris were decided on in private by most of the group, Chris decides to vote for William instead and Greg also ends up changing his vote to William as well.  While Chris ends up in the bottom, William and Kyle have tied and require a shoot off to decide who will join Chris.  After the shoot off, William is left in the bottom with Chris and the pair will face off in the elimination challenge.

At the elimination challenge William and Chris will be firing the Henry rifle.  Chris admits that he has never shot this type of rifle before practicing with the experts and William feels fairly confident that he will do well.   William and Chris go head to head where they have to shoot a series of metal targets – first one to knock down all the rings of all the targets wins.  William gives himself a great lead at the start of the competition and Chris has a terrible time catching up, but he eventually ties up the game and wins the elimination challenge leaving William out of the game.

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