‘Fashion Star’ review: Ross takes on ‘Gossip Girl’

Let’s talk themes.

Last week in our review of “Fashion Star,” we made it pretty clear that we felt that Ross Bennett has quickly become the star of the show at this point. He’s a bit like a crazy mad Texan scientist, and there’s really not anyone else on this show (which may as well be called “repetitive fashion star” at this point) who actually wears so much of their personality on their sleeve.

This is why on a week that was largely based around teams designing their perfect window display (mostly to yawns), we were happy to see Ross’ team develop a sort of “Gossip Girl” theme to show off the cool, sophisticated taste of the Upper East Side. It was interesting! Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out so well as Ross was the only one who got an offer for a vest that we actually could see working both in the Big Apple as while as in his (and Jessica Simpson’s) home state.

As a matter fact, it’s almost as if Gossip Girl struck down one of the other members of Ross’ team with a nasty headline. Orly Shani went with a pair of shorts that not only didn’t fit their faux-window, but they were just odd for this stage at the competition when designers are supposed to be showing off more. This elimination was close to being a given — but then, the judges pulled a fast one and decided to give Orly a reprieve thanks more to her past work than anything. Instead, this episode saw the end of Edmond Newton, a man whose greatest flaw was simply designing menswear right when he has started to gain momentum elsewhere.

At the end of the day, we’re still torn about this series as a whole. There is some great potential in between the premise of the show focusing simply on the business of selling clothes as well as the buyers, who remind us still of the coaches on “The Voice” — but when you run out of time to show all your contestants properly in the episode (especially Ronnie Escalante, whose first sale was all but a recap), you know that you have too many cooks in the kitchen. We need less than seven on-camera personalities, and challenges that do more than just put people in a window.

At this stage in the game, who is your favorite designer — and are you loving this show?

Photo: NBC

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