‘Glee’ review: Matt Bomer’s ‘acting class’

Acting 101.

Let’s hope that all Gleeks managed to turn on their TV sets in the first minute of “Glee” — after all, the show wasted no time in revealing their big secrets. Finn and Rachel didn’t get married, and Quinn is now in a wheelchair for the near future. (Granted, we don’t understand why Rachel felt the need to bring it up on just about every occasion possible.)

With these shockers now resolved, we move to the plot of this rather-hilarious episode entitled “Big Brother.” Much of this episode was themed around the arrival of Matt Bomer as Cooper Anderson, and Sue Sylvester’s attempts to try and hire the “actor” (known for a credit rating commercial) to tutor New Directions in an effort to make the gang win Nationals. Why? If they win, she is going to use their prize money to help finance the Cheerios and get rid of her new co-coach Roz Washington (who was even funnier than usual this week). If they lose … well, Sue’s out of luck.

Unfortunately, what Sue didn’t realize is that the relationship Bomer’s character has with his brother Blaine is not exactly strong. As a matter of fact, Cooper undermines him at every turn with his ridiculous acting methods including pointing whenever you want your words to seem more important. Bomer’s performance was brilliant this week — it gave us a better bit more insight into why Blaine tries to put on such an air of confidence much of the time, and he also balanced the comedy and drama of what he was doing far better than Cooper’s own “acting lessons.” At the end, the two brothers did put there differences aside — and sang a stirring rendition of “Somebody That I Used to Know” that was apparently cathartic.

On the negative side, why did we need to see Blaine in the shower? We also weren’t sure how we felt about the idea of Quinn / Artie romance that started to form later in the epsiode — the only thing they have in common is that they are both in wheelchairs, and it just seems too convenient for the show to pull this sort of relationship together just based on that alone. (We also really understand what business Artie had going out on Senior Skip Day as a junior, along with most of the rest of New Directions.)

Thankfully, the Quinn / Artie romance ended up taking a new form when Ms. Popular was given a massive dose of pessimism, and she instead tried to act as though she was going to recover without a problem. Her new potential boyfriend? Joe Hart! We still haven’t seen enough of Sanuel Larsen’s character to know how we feel about this, but it seems like a much better option.

By the end of this episode, we found ourselves gripped in the same way we always have with this show. Of course, there was also a shocker to boot — some tension between Finn and Rachel as he realized that Los Angeles was a better place for him than New York.

Did you enjoy Bomer’s performance, and what did you think about this episode?

Photo: Fox

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