‘Basketball Wives’ season 4 episode 8: Jennifer and Royce make peace

Who wants to go to planet bananas?

On the last episode of ‘Basketball Wives’ after Kenya and Kesha had a chance to air out their differences as Evelyn, Susie and Tami  meditated.  It’s revealed that Kenya might have said Evelyn was ‘loose’ behind her back, leaving Evelyn feeling betrayed. Later Jennifer tries to defend Kenya, but no one seems to be listening anymore and Evelyn is hell bent on getting to the bottom of the situation.  Suzie and Tami try to work out their differences over a previous fight about a ‘food stamps’ comment and Tami appreciates the apology.  Evelyn talks to the other woman, Sakara, who was involved in the ‘loose’ conversation and confirms Evelyn’s worst fears – that Kenya did call her loose.  When Evelyn finally confronts Kenya about the ‘loose’ comment, Evelyn takes a page out of the ‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki playbook and hurls a wine bottle at Kenya.

This week on ‘Basketball Wives’ everyone reels in the aftermath of Evelyn’s confrontation with Kenya at the restaurant and it looks like Evelyn and Kenya’s friendship is done for good.  Evelyn knows that she might be in serious trouble for throwing a wine bottle and a plate at Kenyna, but at this point she’s so angry about the situation that she’s “out for blood” and the consequences don’t really matter.

Suzi is on a mission to have Jennifer and Royce make up, something fans have wanted to see for a long time.  She does her best to convince Jennifer to meet up with Royce to talk about the Twitter/Photo and Eric issue.  Jennifer agrees to meet up with Royce and hear what she has to say.  When they finally meet up for lunch there is some serious tension as Jennifer and Royce stare each other down.  Royce calls Jennifer out right away and says she was “mean” and Jennifer explains that the Twitter/photo and Eric situation really hurt her and pushed her to to the edge.  Royce says that she didn’t say anything on Twitter and Jennifer admits that she got the information second hand and never saw the Twitter account for herself.  Jennifer says that the Twitter situation was her “bad” and Royce appreciates her taking responsibility for her actions.  Royce and Jennifer make up and sealed all the BS away with a hug as they decided to start working on their friendship again.

After the blow up with Kenya – Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn get together for drinks to talk about the fight at the restaurant.  Evelyn skirts around saying she’s sorry, but Tami calls her out and says she’s not sorry for anything.  Evelyn says she’s at least sorry that she almost hit Shaunie with the bottle.  Tami reveals that Kenya had no plans to get up from the table and move as Evelyn took off her earrings, preparing to fight her, so Tami stepped in and moved Kenya out of the way before she got killed.  At the time Evelyn was upset that her friends stepped in to stop the fight, but now that the smoke has cleared, she is thankful to them for stepping up to control the situation.

Shaunie suggests that the girls get away together; somewhere tropical and fun like Tahiti to get some much needed relaxation.  When it’s suggested that Jennifer might come, Evelyn says “I don’t need to row no boat with her”, but says that it’s fine if she comes.

Later Jennifer and Kenya go wine shopping – clearly having a bottle thrown at her head hasn’t soured her off the taste of fine wine.  Kenya talks to Jennifer about inviting some of the girls to a screening of her new music video where they can enjoy some wine and snacks while giving Kenya feedback about the video.  Instead of Jennifer agreeing that some people really shouldn’t come, she surprises Kenya by saying that she should invite everyone.  Jennifer enlists Suzi to come to the screening with her and Suzi decides to go to support Jennifer even though she thinks Kenya lives on “Planet Bananas“.

Evelyn has meets with her assistant Nia and they talk about Evelyn’s upcoming wedding to Chad Ochocinco.  Chad has started to talk babies with her, but Evelyn is focused on her career at the moment and isn’t sure what the future holds.  She is starting to feel the mounting pressure of getting her wedding planning in gear as the event is only 5 months away and reveals that Jennifer won’t be receiving an invite to the nuptials.  Later the pair head to a stationary story to get the ball rolling and look at wedding invitations, but they end up leaving the store with nothing in hand.

The women (minus Evelyn) come to Kenya’s music video screening regardless of their feelings about her.  Everyone calls Kenya out for copying Jennifer and nick name her ‘Single Black Female’, but Kenya insists that she is just being herself. After the screening of the video, which is a cookie cutter video of almost every other video on MTV at the moment, Tami tells her that as a whole the video is pretty good, but shortly after that the gloves come off as the girls give their honest option of the video. Comments about Kenya’s style, the dancing and the rapper in the video outshining her are just a few of the points the girls were concerned about when it came to the video.  Unfortunately Kenya wasn’t listening to any of the constructive criticism and giving excuse after excuse.

When Tami’s mom comes to visit, she decides to share a difficult part of her past with her mom.  She reveals that she’s been going to therapy to work through some issues and tells her that she was violated when she was younger and never told her, leaving her angry and resentful towards her.  Tami explains that she’s not angry at her because of something she did, but because she felt that she should have been protected from this.  Her mother is shaken to the core and breaks down.

Are you excited to see that Jennifer and Royce made up?  Were you surprised that Jennifer apologized?  What did you think of Kenya’s music video?  leave us your thoughts.

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