Daniel Craig talks about his secret wedding

Caroline Bonarde Ucci, Flickr
Caroline Bonarde Ucci, Flickr

Daniel Craig had been quietly dating Rachel Weisz for a while now, and with very little gossip about the couple’s romantic life surfacing, he shocked us all when he pulled off a very secret wedding in late June.

So how did Craig pull off this wedding off without anyone finding out about it until after the fact? We’ll never know because Craig isn’t about to spill the beans;

“I did it secretly — I can’t tell you how I pulled it off. My private life is incredibly important to me, and certainly that aspect of it is more than incredibly important to me.”

Leaving it a mystery just makes us love you more Mr. Bond.

You can catch Daniel Craig in his new film ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ opening July 29 in theaters everywhere.

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