‘Make It or Break It’ recap: Payson and Lauren’s friendship is tested

Who released the kissing photos?

On last week’s episode of ‘Make It or Break It’ Payson was reeling from her break up with Max and now that Jordan is part of the team and can land a triple back dismount, the girls really feel the pressure to perform. Lauren, Kaylie, and Payson are still trying to figure out who ratted on them to the coach about their midnight statue excision, while the coach finds a way to split the girls up even further after making them burn their ‘Rock’ jackets.  Kaylie tries to find a balance with her old enemy and new gymnastics partner Kelly, and Kelly is determined to make up for past mistakes. Lauren is trying to deal with her fainting spells, but still finds the strength to set Payson up to help her get over Max.  Although the set up with supposed to be with Brad, Rigo ends up taking the opportunity to meet Payson for a coffee and sparks fly.

Tonight on ‘Make it or Break It’ Marcus, a representative for the head honchos of team USA comes to the gym to find out about the girls progress and coach Macintyre assures him that everything is moving along perfectly.

Payson is being interviewed by a reporter from ‘Gold Medal Stories’ who have dubbed her ‘The Comeback Kid’.She tells the reporter that her old coach Sasha is her inspiration, just as coach Macintyre and Marcus step into earshot.  The interviewer pushes Payson to tell him if coach Macintyre is also an inspiring coach and Payson admits that she doesn’t really know Macintyre yet, leaving Marcus feeling concerned. As Payson continues to gush over Sasha, the interviewer jumps on the opportunity to ask her about the kiss ‘scandal’ that went viral, costing Sasha his job., but Payson decides its best not to comment on the situation.

After hearing Payson’s comments, coach Macintyre knows he has to show Marcus that he has things under control, but as he shows Marcus around the gym, no one seems to be on their game and are missing jumps and flips in front of Marcus.  As coach Macintyre comes down hard on the girls, Marcus decides to speak with Macintyre privately and asks him to make better connections with the girls to inspire them.

While the girls are icing their gym wounds Kelly mentions that it was weird how coach Macintyre knew all of their routines from last week even though no one had shown him.  They become worried that Jordan is ratting them out, and feel that coach Macintyre is doing a terrible job coaching them.  Payson decides that it might be a good idea to speak to Marcus about coach Macintyre in hopes that he can help fix the situation.  She explains to him that the girls should have been advancing by now, but they are stagnant and Marcus assures her that he has heard her concerns.

Rigo meets up with Payson for a few minutes and the chemistry between them is just as strong as ever and Payson is back to her old sweet self – except with a swarm of butterflies fluttering around in her heart. Payson seeks relationship advice from Lauren about Rigo, and as if his ears are ringing, he shows up at their dorm room to ask Payson on a real date and they decide to go out later that night.

Kelly is trying her best to fit in with Payson, Lauren and Kaylie, but is still having a hard time earning their trust after the diary incident.  Kaylie is warming up to Kelly and trusting her more and more, so when Kelly asks her why they stopped talking in the gym when she came up to them, Kaylie spills the beans and tells her that it was about the reporter asking Payson about the kissing scandal.  Although Kaylie  has her suspicions of who it is that leaked the kissing photo, Kelly offers to get her mother to dig a little deeper and find out the truth, but Kaylie decides it’s a bad idea.  After Kaylie leaves, Kelly decides to do it anyways in hopes that she can win over the girls and just her luck, Kaylie ends up coming around to the idea.

Lauren has another fainting spell while she’s up on the beam and falls.  She lies to everyone and says that her hands just slipped instead of reaching out for help.  Payson doesn’t buy what she’s selling and tries to confront Lauren, but she’s sticking to her story.

Marcus decides to give coach Macintyre 48 hours to change his approach with the girls and get the team together or lose his job. Coach Macintyre calls a meeting for all the girls to come to his house at six, but it coincides with her date with Rigo.  When she cancels with Rigo he tells her he can’t reschedule for a while because he is going out of town for a week.

When Kelly’s mother eventually gets back to her about the kissing scandal, the girls are at coach Macintyre’s dinner party.  Kelly reveals that the person that leaked the photos was Lauren and Kaylie decides that it’s best not to tell Payson since Lauren is her partner and it would ruin her chances of making it to London – unfortunately Jordan overheard the conversation and starts scheming.  When the coach’s wife pulls him out of the room to give him advice on mentoring the girls, Jordan calls Kaylie out on keeping the identity of the person who leaked the kiss photo secret from Payson.  Kaylie begs Jordan not to drag Payson through this again, but she pushes and pushes until Kelly blurts out that it was Lauren.  Payson lies and says she already knew and takes some time to herself on the porch.

Lauren comes out to speak to Payson about what she did and explains that Payson had nothing to do with the reason behind her leaking the photo.  Lauren explains that she wanted to make Summer her mom and when she saw Sasha getting close with Summer she panicked.  Lauren begs for her friendship and to be forgiven, but Payson says that she can’t move forward.

Back in the house Kaylie confronts Lauren about what she did and Lauren somehow manages to turn it around on Kaylie.  Kelly comes to Kaylie’s aid and assures her that she always has a friend in her.

When the coach comes back into the room, tensions are high.  Macintyre asks the person who went and spoke with Marcus behind his back to come forward so that the team can start to build trust.  Before Payson can say that it’s her, Lauren steps up and takes the blame.  Kelly tells the coach that the team feels like he’s breaking them down, but not building them back up.  Macintyre opens up to the girls and builds trust with them by being honest about his methods and why he does what he does, helping the girls have a better understanding about things.

Rigo busts into the meeting at the coach’s house to tell Payson that instead of leaving tomorrow, he’s now leaving tonight and that he didn’t want to leave without kissing her.  He asks her to go steady and she accepts before he heads off for the week.

When Lauren and Payson get back to their dorm, Lauren comes clean about her fainting spells with Payson to show her that she wants to have an open honest relationship with her from this day forward.  Payson promises not to say anything as long as they go together to a doctor and find out what’s wrong.  Lauren asks if this means everything’s okay between them and Payson says no, but that they will be.

Do you think Lauren and Payson’s friendship will ever be the same? Will Payson blame Kaylie for trying to keep the secret from her?  Are you excited about Payson and Rigo’s romance turning into a relationship?  leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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