‘Glee’ preview: Two more Matt Bomer – Darren Criss songs to feast on

Almost here…

Before we finally arrive at Tuesday night’s new episode of “Glee,” we have a few all-new videos worth checking out that showcase both Matt Bomer and Darren Criss showcasing their voices — which if you don’t love, you are probably going to want to skip over the next few paragraphs.

Since we’ve already written about Bomer and Criss’ cover of “Somebody That I Used To Know” and Cooper and Blaine Anderson, we’re going to turn now to a pair of other tracks released for Tuesday’s new episode.

1. “Hungry Like a Wolf / Rio”

After listening to the sublime Gotye cover, this mash-up really feels even more dated than a poor Duran Duran cover band. It’s not so much that Criss and Bomer turn in a bad performance (they don’t), it’s just that we don’t really get the point of having these characters perform these songs when compared to some of the other music being used in this episode.

Our only other complaint? Criss and Bomer each get a little lost in the music, and their voices are a little over-synthesized in the way that makes you have to suspend belief when you watch the show and pretend they are singing live.

2. “Fighter”

This song is strictly a Blaine cover, and we actually think that Christina Aguilera’s message here far better suits the episode that what we are getting from Duran Duran. It’s pretty obvious that the Anderson brothers don’t have the best relationship, and this song is an anthem all about trying to build yourself up while somebody else brings you down.

When we first heard that Darren (who does not necessarily have the largest range on the show) was taking on the track, we were admittedly skeptical — but he really does it justice thanks to his vocal intensity more so than hitting any one particular note.

There are some other songs in the episode that do not feature Blaine and Cooper, but for now we’re keeping those under wraps out of a promise we made to not spoil the massive cliffhanger left during the last episode of the show in February.

Which one of these Blaine performances do you like more?

Photo: Fox

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