‘The Bachelorette’ scoop: Emily Maynard to commit a ‘first’

What’s happening?

While our following bit of scoop from Emily Maynard’s upcoming season of “The Bachelorette” is not substantial by any means in length, and could be major when it comes to an event that happens on the show this season.

In a new post on Twitter, executive producer Mike Fleiss (who has been more or less our guide through the filming process so far) had the following message to share on the subject:

@EmilyMaynard┬ájust delivered another bachelorette first!!! …┬áTurns out a rose in not always a rose…”

While it’s possible that this could be interpreted in some different ways, there’s really only one thing that we personally see Fleiss talking about here — Emily giving someone a rose, only to later decide to send them home in the same episode. Could we be wrong? As we said, sure — but this would certainly make for an incredibly dramatic (and awkward) moment.

As for why this sort of thing would happen, we have a pair of guesses:

1. Emily gave a rose to someone thinking that there could be something great there, and then she was so surprised by some of the other men that she was originally planning to send home that she had to reverse her decision.

2. The man who received the rose does something so ridiculous that he ends up costing himself a place in this competition.

Considering that Emily seems to be taking no prisoners at all when it comes to this episode, we would not be shocked in the slightest to see the latter scenario go down. It doesn’t matter if you get a rose on this show … you’re not really safe until you’re at the end of the show and the ring is involved. (Then again, based on the history of this show you’re not really safe then, either.)

Do you think Fleiss is talking about what we’re suggesting, and why do you think Emily could take back a rose from someone? “The Bachelorette” will premiere on ABC May 14.

Photo: ABC

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