‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Lou Ferrigno, Lisa Lampanelli’s loyalty war

Benedict Lou strikes!

After a massive meltdown last week between Aubrey O’Day and Arsenio Hall, we would like to say that there was peace on “The Celebrity Apprentice” Sunday night. However, that would be stretching the truth more than Lou Ferrigno saying that he never wants to talk about being the Hulk again for the rest of his life.

Instead, there were really two fights that happened over the course of this episode:

Lisa Lampanelli vs. Arsenio – We understand the origin of this fight in many ways. Lisa was upset over how Aubrey was treated in the boardroom last week, and she didn’t like some of his inappropriate language. Meanwhile, Arsenio was still emotional after winning his task, and he was riled up by what Aubrey said.

Lisa vs. Lou Ferrigno – Both in this same setting as the former fight and in this week’s boardroom, the two went at it. We understand that Lou didn’t like being called useless, but the problem was that he didn’t back up his strong language with a strong performance. Thus, fireworks — and Lisa telling him to get in an elevator and prepare for his elimination! (More on that later — and there was plenty of this during the episode.)

The actual challenge during this week’s show was to create a video advertisement for Entertainment.com, with Teresa Giudice taking the reigns for one team (an attempt to try and bridge the gap between Arsenio and Aubrey, who decided to make amends before the task really got going), and Dayana Mendoza for the other (as she wanted to prove herself after getting some criticism for not being creative enough).

Team Teresa: Kum ba yah

With Aubrey and Arsenio calm, Teresa managed to take the reigns and produce a rather funny ad that had some major advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, she convinced Paul Teutul Sr. to play Aubrey’s cranky dad in the video while dressing up in a hilarious green sweater that took away every ounce of edge he once had. The premise here was also something that could go viral — Paul’s character thinking that Aubrey was up to some dirty business in the bedroom, and when he interrupted he found out that she and her boyfriend were really just playing around with an Entertainment.com app.

Team Dayana: complete chaos

From the get-go, this was a mess — even though they had a great premise in a couple using Entertainment.com to start a relationship and plan out their lives together. It was sweet, but it wasn’t funny really at all. There also wasn’t any talent utilized in the ad — and even though Lou (of course) wanted to be involved, Dayana had a right point here in that none of their stars really fit what they were trying to do.

The biggest surprise here was that Lisa and Dayana got along without a hitch; instead, it ended up being a Lou dogpile as he really did not contribute anything to the task outside of complaining and making suggestions that fell on deaf ears.

The boardroom: are you really surprised?

While we were concerned that the Entertainment executives were going to get conservative and pick Dayana’s team, they made the right move if they wanted the ad to actually go viral. With this in mind, Teresa go the win.

From here, of course the drama became the equivalent of a swarm of bees attacking a guy in the middle of a field. Lisa tore into Lou some more, and he quickly tried to backtrack on a rather silly claim made earlier that he liked the other team’s ad better. Why keep around the traitor? While it seems as though the real responsibility for the task fell on Dayana, let’s be honest here — while she hasn’t always been amazing, she did far more in this task than Lou has in weeks. Plus, sellouts are never fun.

Dayana ended up bringing back Lou and Lisa (likely to help her fight) into the boardroom after letting a silent and stunned Penn Jillette sit back and relax, and then Lou busted out his favorite argument — “I gave 110%.” If your 110% is not the 110% of everyone else, why does it matter?

At the end of the episode, seeing Lou go was a foregone conclusion — he should have gone weeks ago, but Donald Trump decided that enough was (finally enough) … and he is now out the door.

What did you think about this episode, and are you glad to see Lou gone?

Photo: NBC

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