‘The Amazing Race 20’: Drama (and safaris) for Brendon & Rachel

Not everyone loves "Big Brother."

Before we even get into the finer details of Sunday night’s new episode of “The Amazing Race,” can we first and foremost compliment the show for introducing us to one of the most beautiful landscapes we’ve seen yet on the show? Tanzania was a vibrant sea of color and culture — and while we’ve seen the show hit up the continent on many occasions in the past, never before have we seen it as visually stunning as we did this week.

Drama! -If you saw the previews, you know already that Brendon & Brendon took center stage through much of the early portion of the episode — and for good reason. After Art & JJ took offense to be followed for most of the race, they decided that they wanted to call team “Big Brother” out.

Somehow, this led to Vanessa & Ralph getting involved, and while waiting to arrive in Tanzania the group had it out and flung all sorts of insults at each other. Rachel claimed Vanessa was too old to be mean, while Vanessa attacked Rachel for not getting a nose job. (With this, Rachel may have made her point.)

In a battle as to who would end up being victorious this week, Rachel ended up scoring a clear victory. After a rather fun Detour that forced teams between throwing a disc or jumping up and down (which was seriously better than it sounds), they were one of the first teams to arrive at a challenge that was all about building a camp before heading off to the pit stop. They weren’t the first team to finish, but they escaped before things got too intense and finished in 4th.

Other drama – Art & JJ were in a confrontation (and rather unlikable) mood this week. They also decided to call Nary & Jamie out on lying about their profession, which the Federal Agents responded to by continuing to lie (mostly so that the Border Patrol Agents would not have the satisfaction of being right).

Meanwhile, the other Rachel (in Rachel & Dave) chose to spar more with her teammate, mostly because Mr. Army Man turned into a bit of a Drill Sargent while building his camp. Despite the two arriving at the challenge before any of the other teams, the two nearly jeopardized their entire lead by fighting with each other. Nonetheless, they did piece it together long enough to narrowly beat out our personal favorite team in Mark & Bopper for first place.

In last place – Unfortunately for Brendon & Rachel, Vanessa & Ralph managed to pull things out and keep themselves still in the race. Then again, so did last-place Nary & Jamie! This was a non-elimination leg, which we were rather fine with since the tent-building task was really rather unfair to teams without someone tall on their team to handle the more physical aspect of it.

What did you think about this episode, and whose side were you on — Rachel’s or Vanessa’s?

Photo: CBS

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