AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: Who’s the man behind the tattoo?

Tattoo boy works for Larsen

On the season premiere of ‘The Killing’ we caught up with Linden trying to board a plane, but after she saw that city councilman Darren Richmond had been shot, she changed her mind.  Now Linden is back on the Rosie Larsen case and although she’s trying everything under the sun to avoid Holder after the faked photo snafu, her new boss forces her hand to work with him.  Richmond is no longer a suspect in Rosie’s murder, while the real killer is tormenting the Larsen family with Rosie’s backpack.

In tonight’s episode of ‘The Killing’ Linden is fighting with the new lieutenant to get a warrant to search the place where she suspects Rosie was abducted, unfortunately the lieutenant isn’t being co-operative and is holding up the process.  When the warrant is finally issued for the building holding the computers she needs, she learns that the building has been burned to the ground. When she confronts the firemen on the scene about the condition of the computers, they tell her that there weren’t any computers in the building.  Before leaving the scene, Linden notices security cameras on the street and asks another officer to get the footage.  When the footage finally comes in she sees Stan Larsen’s truck outside of Beau Soleil before it went up in flames.  A blown up image of the truck reveals the arm of the driver with the same Ogi Jun tattoo that the killer has, but his face is  and we learn that the owner of the tattoo works for Larsen.

Stan still has no idea where his wife Mitch is, but she’s holed up at a small motel outside the city.  Mitch grabs a drink in the motel bar, where she notices a handsome man looking at her. She invites the man into her hotel room and they share a kiss while sitting on the bed.

After Rosie’s back pack was left on Stan’s doorstep by the killer, he decides to enlist help from a crime boss, Janek, to bring his own special type of justice to his daughter’s killer.  Linden stops by Stan’s home and shows him a photo of the Ogi Jun tattoo they believe belongs to Rosie’s killer, but blows her off and asks for Rosie’s back pack to be returned.

Terry drops Stan’s sons off at school, but as she approaches the front steps she notices a strange man leaning up against a car watching her. Later when Stan picks up his sons they mention that a ‘big friend’ of their father’s gave them pastries, causing Stan to pay another visit to Janek.  He asks him to keep his children out of the situation, saying that he doesn’t want them to know about his past and also asks him to check into the Beau Soleil escort service that Rosie was said to be involved in.  Janek agrees to help him, but tells Stan that Beau Soleil only deals with Russian escorts and that there was no record of Rosie.  Janek also got his hands on Rosie’s morgue records and tells Stan that she was alive in the car when it went into the water.  We later see that Janek has the Beau Soleil computers and is deleting all of the files.

Linden calls into the station to find out about the back pack, and learns that the fake back pack has been removed from evidence by ex lieutenant Oakes.  Linden tracks Oakes down at his boat to ask him to return the evidence and after a pile of lame excuses, he gives the bag back to her.  When she opens the pack she realizes that it’s Holder’s and decides to give him a call to tell him that she understands why he switched the packs.

City councilman Richmond is still in the hospital trying to grasp onto hope that he will walk again, convinced that he felt the sun on his legs.   While lying in his hospital bed Richmond watches his opponent, Adams, on television speaking out about the upcoming election, making him only more motivated to find a way to walk again and get back in the race.  When the neurologist finally shows up, we learn that Richmond is not actually feeling anything in his legs and is just experiencing phantom pain.  The doctor doesn’t tell him and Richmond thinks that he is going to walk again.  His dream is shattered when a nurse changes his catheter without any feeling at all.

Holder still struggles with the repercussions of his past drug use as he ditches an NA meeting and is finding the alienation with his nephew to be pushing him into a dark place. He decides to meet up with his old dealer, Logic, and ends up taking a bag of meth from him after getting into a fight with him. Afterward we find Holder outside his NA meeting again, where he decides not to use the meth, but becomes intimate with another NA member in the back seat of his car. Linden gets a call telling her that Holder is acting crazy and when she finds him, he is pacing around on a bridge in the middle of traffic.  She tells him that she knows about the back pack switch and he finally gets out of traffic and walks away with Linden safely.

Although we are still left wondering who Rosie’s killer is, tonight’s episode left viewers feeling a little more satisfied that Linden is finally on the right track to catching the person who did it.

Photo: AMC

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