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She got Chloe to admit the truth

Last time on ‘Harry’s Law’ we saw the aftermath of Oliver and Cassie’s decision to hook up after the gala, leaving Cassie with some questions that she needed answering like: Where is this going?  Are we a couple?  Was it just a one time thing?  Oliver plays it cool and suggests they keep it casual and just “see where it goes”, which evokes an icy response from Cassie who was clearly hoping that their encounter meant more to Oliver then it does.   Adam tries to mend the ongoing problems between Chunhua and the girls working in the shoe store only to end up in a lot more trouble than he bargained for when Chunhua fires all of the employees and then throws Adam under the bus when Harry confronts her about the issues with the store employees.

On tonight’s episode of ‘Harry’s Law’ Sam is back in the office and he’s upset that Harry used his nail gun incident to work out a $3 million settlement with a client while he was out of commission.  Sam tries to threaten Harry to give the settlement back, but she’s not intimidated in the least and sends him packing without another thought. Sam later returns to Harry’s office and has hired Phoebe Blake to represent him to try and get the money back to the client.   Neither Sam nor Harry would break and Phoebe is left leaving handing Adam a deposition on the way out.  At the deposition Adam admits that Sam was not in his right mind when the settlement was made and it’s likely the money will have to be returned.  Phoebe meets up with Adam after the disposition and offers him a job that he turns down.

Chunhua is called out about firing all the women in the shoe store by Lisa and it is also brought to her attention that Lisa ‘knows’ that Chunhua is interested in her and women in general.  Chunhua goes straight to Adam and tries to throw Lisa under the bus, but when Adam confronts Lisa about coming onto Chunhua, Lisa laughs it off telling Adam to keep a close eye on Chunhua.  Lisa tries to make peace with her and pushes Chunhua into an intimate position with her by licking her finger.  Chunhua tells Adam what happened and Lisa denies any wrong doings again.

After Chloe rigs an unloaded shot gun to her front door with a sign warning her ex husband that he would be shot on sight if he were caught entering the premises again, her he ends up getting shot when trying to break in again. So who loaded the shotgun?  Chole admits that she lied about loading the shot gun to protect her 9 year old daughter Shelby who actually loaded the gun.  Harry, Cassie, Oliver and Chloe go to the judge overseeing the case to try and get him to allow Chloe to give a narrative in the courtroom so that she can tell the truth about what really happened that night.    Harry tells Chloe that she wants to sit down to dinner with the district attorney and tell him everything in hopes they can work something out so that Chloe doesn’t end up in jail for perjury and Shelby can be taken into psychotic care for help.  Chloe agrees and Harry meets the district attorney for dinner where Harry reveals that Shelby loaded the gun and that Chloe is covering for her daughter.  They try to come up with terms they both can agree on for a settlement, but while Harry is willing to compromise, the district attorney is not so malleable.

The settlement between Harry and the DA proves to go nowhere, so Harry suggests that Chloe testifies in court in hopes that the truth will set her free. In court Chloe admits that she was afraid that her husband would hurt her and that she mounted the unloaded shot gun with a sign on the door warning him not to enter.  When Harry asks who loaded the gun, Chloe lies and says she loaded the gun and Shelby knew nothing about it completely going against everything Harry and her discussed.  Harry tries to push Chloe into telling the truth about what happened that night and finally she breaks down and tells the court room the truth – that she didn’t load the gun and that Shelby was ultimately responsible for her father’s death.

In court the district attorney tries to pull Harry’s defense apart putting Chloe through the ringer.  After both Harry and the district attorney give their final statements to the jury, the jury comes back with their verdict finding Chloe not guilty.

Be sure to tune in on April 15th for a new episode of ‘Harry’s Law’ airing on NBC.

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