‘Glee’ preview: ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ with Chris Colfer, many more

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Before we get to the new episode of “Glee” airing on Tuesday night, we are going to be seeing some people associated with the show making an appearance on Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio” airing Monday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

So for the subject matter, let’s just say that there will be plenty of insight into how a show of this magnitude came together to begin with, and what has caused it to resonate with so many viewers.

-Ryan Murphy will discuss the origins of the series, which began years ago with Ryan being approached in a gym without any clothes on (serious) by a man with a script. The idea was originally a movie, but was converted later into a TV show and picked up almost immediately by Fox. One of the only criticisms? That the show needed a villain, and thus Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Brad Falchuk all worked to conceive the idea of Sue Sylvester and sell it to Jane Lynch.

-Murphy is also going to talk about how the music for the show came together, and how he didn’t initially think that we were going to see a show that produced more entries on the Billboard Hot 100 than any other program in history.

-Without her Rachel Berry get-up, a more mature-looking Lea Michele opens up about how the show has helped to encourage students around the country to continue to pursue an arts education, even though this is something that is often cut by schools looking to save money in tough economic times.

-There will be plenty of Chris Colfer humor in here, including how he wanted to audition for television pretty much upon being conceived; however, in a serious turn he also says that he admires Kurt greatly for his tremendous bravery in tough times.

-Finally, Michele and Cory Monteith each talked about how the show works carefully to ensure that the relationship between Rachel and Finn pleases fans, while at the same time having enough conflict to keep people interested — a different balancing act for any show, let alone one with this large of a cast and with so much going on.

Are you excited to watch the special?

Photo: Fox

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