‘How I Met Your Mother’ preview: The meaning behind ‘trilling it up’

We’re back!

It’s been a while since we have seen the greatness that is “How I Met Your Mother” on our TV sets, but on Monday night comedy is going to be coming back on CBS — and it will be doing so with an episode that provides plenty of possibilities for both laughter and retrospect among the show’s leads.

The theme here is “trilling it up,” which for our main characters is a reference to them looking forward into the future three years and trying to guess what their lives will be like (or “Trilogy Time,” as is the title of the episode). The show’s sneak peek is largely comical in that we’re actually looking at Marshall and Ted back in 2000 imagining their lives in 2003, which apparently include them both being ridiculously successful, Ted having long hair, and Lily already pregnant with what is going to be the first of likely many children for the Erickson clan.

While the present storyline isn’t featured at all in this clip, we know that you should expect Barney to play a role here as we see just whether or not he is imagining Becki Newton’s Quinn as a major part of his life moving forward — or if the two are just moving in together out of lust and a feeling that it is the right thing to do. (The answer here could be surprising.) As for Ted, we hope that in three years’ time he actually is with the mother of his future children — which, based on the show’s promise that it should end either at the end of season 8 next year or season 9 in 2013, should be the case.

Are you excited for the show to be back, and who do you think Barney pictures himself with in three years’ time?

Photo: CBS

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