‘Punk’d’ episode 2 video: ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Ronnie Magro becomes a hero

Tough luck, Ronnie.

After a first episode of “Punk’d” that featured star power but only mediocre stunts, we are pleased to report that the second go-around with Bam Margera was a little bit better. Even if Bam was not as enthusiastic as Justin Bieber (and his connection to some of the MTV stars — including Tyler Posey of “Teen Wolf” — was not that great), at least one of the pranks here were at least innovative.

With that in mind, let’s grade some of the humor that we saw from Bam and company this week.

Tyler, the Creator – While Tyler may be one of the best creative minds in hip-hop right now, the guy has got to work a little bit on his facial reactions. While he was clearly shocked by a prank involving him accidentally blowing up a food truck at a charity event (a play off of the Taylor Swift stunt from last week), he didn’t show it too much outside of a brief but brilliant moment of him trying to hide his shame in the back of a pickup truck.

With that being said, we do love watching things go boom. Grade: B-

Ronnie Magro – He was one of the more¬†intimidating¬†guys on “Jersey Shore” during its first season but Ronnie on this occasion was downright hysterical — and it shows just how far he has come since his days of knocking a guy out on the street.

Years ago, Ronnie probably would not have dealt with being told to be a hostage negotiator for police that well. But the entirety of this stunt — from Ronnie lying to the robber inside of a convenience store about his job (“I’m a painter!”) to him later being coaxed to go inside the convenience store as the hero — was comedic gold. After watching this, is it possible that Ronnie should get his own spin-off show rather than Pauly D? Grade: A, and an endorsement for more “single Ronnie” on “Jersey Shore” next season.

Tyler Posey – As hilarious as Ronnie’s stunt was, Posey’s was pretty much a dud. Why? The guy was merely harassed and attacked while going through a drive-thru. He never got out of his car until the end, and we have seen variations of this trick a million times already.

Then again, it’s expected at this point that the last stunt of the episode is always the dud. Grade: D+

You can watch Margera’s full episode below, at least so long as you are reading in America.

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