‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: Hopes for Sofia Vergara, One Direction

It’s back!

It’s been several weeks since “Saturday Night Live” has been on the air, but producers are seemingly doing their best to make up for lost time by booking two names that are popular in the TV and music communities — “Modern Family’s” Sofia Vergara and “X Factor” UK sensation One Direction.

So were these the right choices? While both have their own fan bases, we do have to temper our expectations for high ratings for one reason and one reason only — timing. This show is airing on the night before Easter, and with many families (in particular those with young One Direction fans) potentially going to church on Sunday morning, this could mean some early bedtimes.

When it comes to quality, meanwhile, we are going to have a high-risk situation. It’s likely that One Direction will be limited to just musical performances, mostly since there are so many of them and their only acting experience to this point is on “iCarly,” which allowed for multiple takes. Meanwhile, we are hoping that the “SNL” writers are daring enough to take Vergara out of her “sultry Latin woman” archetype that some promos for the show (including the new one below) have placed her into thus far. She’s got such a great knack for comedy (whether it be slapstick or even impersonations), it would be a wasted opportunity to not see her in some unexpected positions.

What are you expecting to see from Vergara’s show this weekend? Check back immediately after the show, as we are going to have a full review of the sketches — including some of the highlights and low points (we are certainly hoping for more of the former).

Photo: NBC

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