‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Mad Men’ join forces in new spoof video

Now with more undead!

While we love both “The Walking Dead” and “Mad Men” a great deal, we also understand that there comes a time for everyone to be ruthlessly mocked to a certain degree — and thus, the video from Barely Political below is born. The theme? It’s basically the two series thrown together in a room, and it works far better than you would ever imagine.

In addition to be pretty visually stunning for a viral video, we also do appreciate the attention to detail here in combining both the worlds of 1960s New York and a zombie apocalypse. It turns out that Don Draper is still a dog even after becoming a “walker” and Rick’s wife is going to gravitate towards other men in this environment, as well. (The imitation of Hershel may actually be what takes this video over the top for us.)

As if spoofing the shows was not enough, the video also takes a few playful stabs at AMC programming in general — whether it be their tendency to be slow-moving, to be labeled as “boring” by some, or to have long production hiatuses of more than a year.

We really don’t know what else to say here outside of telling you to check out the video below — you’ll be incredibly pleased that you did.

Photo: AMC

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