Jaleel White responds to ‘fight’ rumors and ‘Jerkel’ nickname

Everything is good between them

Jaleel White has been winning over the fans on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ with his smooth dance moves as his once cute Steve Urkle persona has melted away into the smoking hot man viewers can’t stop rooting for, but as the weeks roll on more and more tabloid fodder has been surfacing concerning his ‘temper’ and we have to wonder – could it be his undoing on the show regardless if the rumors are true or not?

The first bit of bad news came from the mother of White’s daughter, Bridget Hardy.  She told Radar that Jaleel allegedly assaulted her and was abusive to her and although the matter was said to have been resolved years ago, Bridget decided that now was the time to tell her story since Jaleel is back in the spotlight on ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

Shortly after Hardy’s story cropped up, another nasty report surfaced.  This one claimed that Jaleel and his pro dance partner Kym Johnson had a giant fight during rehearsals that allegedly got so heated that White completely erupted causing another dance pro to become concerned.

Numerous sources have come forward from the show to clear up what really happened during rehearsal, denying that there was any huge blow out.  White recently spoke to People Magazine about the whole situation with Kym and said that he and Johnson are “having a ball” and he hopes viewers will see that there are no problems for themselves by the way Kym and Jaleel interact with one another.  He said;

“My relationship with Kym should speak for itself in [terms of] … what’s going on on the dance floor.”

Some people have now branded Jaleel with the nickname of ‘Jerkel’ a play on words with his character from ‘Family Matters’ Steve Urkle.  Until recently White didn’t even know about the nickname and says that he does his best to avoid the internet all together while he’s on the show.  He said;

“I didn’t even know [about the nickname].  I’ve stayed offline. I don’t think that’s what people are saying. That’s what certain websites or comments boards are coming up with for fodder, and it will pass.”

Although dealing with the tabloids seems like it would be the toughest thing in Jaleel’s life right now, as it turns out it’s actually being in front of the cameras five hours a day capturing every move he makes that seems to be the most challenging for him.  He said;

“The toughest thing about the show is having a camera on you five hours a day, capturing your every move, except going to the bathroom.  I ask anybody to imagine how you’d feel learning something you’ve never done and have to present to the whole country.”

Next week’s theme on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ will be a rock theme in which Jaleel will be doing his best to bust out his Mick Jagger moves on the dance floor.  Be sure to tune in on Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC to see how Jaleel, Kym and the rest of the crew fair during rock week.

Photo: ABC

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