‘Dancing With The Stars’: Mark Ballas fights with girlfriend over cigarettes

He is trying to give up smoking

Mrs Carter: Smoking is a tough addiction to kick – even for the one you love

Mark Ballas and his girlfriend Tiffany Dunn got into a fairly heated, alcohol fueled fight on Tuesday night outside of Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood over broken promises, scooters and cigarettes.

Reports and video footage from TMZ reveal a six minute fight between Ballas and Dunn after she found out that Mark had allegedly gone back on his word to quit smoking after the two had struck a deal to get him to quit.  Tiffany had agreed to give up her scooter, which she had injured herself on in the past and Mark would give up smoking, but when one of Tiffany’s friends saw Mark taking a few drags from a cigarette all hell broke loose.

When alcohol is in the mix, people often say things they regret and here is some of the dialogue that both parties are likely regretting;

Tiffany: “You’re such a [expletive] when you drink”

Mark: “You can cry me a river for all I care, and you can swim in it.”

At one point Mark tells Tiffany, “You punched me in face 3 times today” and she responds by saying that she was dancing.

Tiffany goes on to tell Mark that she thinks he’s lying about other things besides smoking behind her back and she says; “It makes me wonder what else you lie about.  Yeah, exactly, exactly, exactly, what else have you lied to me about?”

The fight ended with Mark taking back his house key from her key chain and them walking in separate directions, but sources tell TMZ that the couple ended up grabbing a cab together later and went home.

Giving up a scooter is not exactly the same thing as giving up smoking – having a scooter is not an addiction, while smoking is and not only that but it’s one of the hardest addictions to give up.  Obviously Tiffany wants Mark to be healthy and give up smoking and Mark likely wants that too, but with an addiction most people have to give the can a few kicks before they can really stick to it.

The most remarkable thing about this story is to learn that Mark smokes and still manages to bust out the moves on the dance floor every week on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ without disintegrating into a wheezing pile on the floor afterward.  Could you image how much more he could do if he gave up smoking?

Photo: ABC, Dancing With The Stars

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