‘Grey’s Anatomy’ review: Did anything really happen?

Waiting for something more.

Sometimes, there are episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” that move the show along in a big way … then, there are episodes that make us feel like the show is just spinning its wheels waiting for something bigger to happen down the road. Thursday night’s episode ended up being the latter, as we saw an hour where there was very little that actually happened outside of Cristina throwing a bowl of food at her cheating husband and Callie doing some digging about Arizona’s romantic past.

Overall, the one thing we really took from this episode more than anything else was simply that Mark and Lexie are going to constantly find ways to be drawn near each other — even when there are other variables (including Mark’s eye-doctor girlfriend) that continue to come into play. As for whether or not Derek wants to sit around and listen to Lexie try to figure out her feelings, that is an entirely different story. As fun as this plot was, though, even it really didn’t end up going anywhere over the course of the hour.

We understand that “Grey’s” is still waiting to drop the bomb when it comes to Owen’s cheating ways, but couldn’t we have something a bit meatier to chew on here? All we learned is that Cristina is considering trying to forgive him, but we still don’t know who the woman is and we also still don’t know from Cristina’s mouth what she is trying to do to work through this.

As for the hospital story of the week, we really have one major issue here — is it too much to let there be a happy ending from time to time? We were touched by the elderly couple before the man’s heart surgery — but why ruin the fact that he made it through okay by having his wife die before he gets out of the operating room and wakes up? While it’s a plausible situation, it just seems like drama for drama’s sake.

Do you wish that “Grey’s” had really done more to address the Cristina story this week, and what did you think about this episode as a whole?

Photo: ABC

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