‘Community’ review: The most epic blanket war ever?

It’s on.

When “Community” takes a risk, they make it big. See the mock clip episode, the stop-motion Christmas, or the multiple timeline episode from earlier this season.

With all of this in mind, we were excited for the documentary-style look at the epic blanket-and-pillow war between Troy and Abed. It was strange, at times brilliant, and a pretty dangerous move in that it gave all of the characters less time to speak. Thankfully, it ended up being pretty worthwhile. Why? It’s always nice to get an outside perspective on the Greendale gang, whether it be Britta’s terrible photography or how Jeff decided to keep the war going for as long as possible in order to prevent having to do any actual work.

When it comes to getting pure laughs, this episode probably did not produce as many chuckles as the recent bar mitzvah or even the first part of the blanket war — mostly just because the format didn’t really allow for the same sort of humor. However, the storytelling present here was smart enough to make up for it. Plus, few shows put the sort of love into their writing to reference a number of jokes that longtime fans will appreciate. (See: the reference to “The Cape” at the very end, a nod to the brilliant clip show from season 2).

Overall, we are thrilled that “Community” managed to recover from what was a pretty rough week in the headlines to remind us why this show is so good. Even when the episode is not the funniest one we’ve ever seen, there’s no other program out there that incorporates this level of imagination into every scene.

What did you think about this episode as a whole?

Photo: NBC

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