‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Michael Jefferson on Kim’s successful plot

Back to the bank.

Despite him making it all the way to the jury on “Survivor: One World,” we still did not really get an opportunity to know much about Michael Jefferson and what he ended up bringing to this game. He was always either on the outside of someone’s alliance or the thorn in someone’s side, and it ended up biting him in the end as he was blindsided out of the game thanks to Kim organizing a plot that included planting a seed in Troyzan’s head.

In talking with Michael briefly on Thursday, he painted a somewhat different picture of life at the merged tribe versus what we have been seeing on TV.

Cartermatt.com – So did you have any sort of sense while you were out there that Kim was the puppetmaster she has been made out to be on TV?

Michael Jefferson – Out there I knew she had some pull with the ladies. She’s definitely a smart person, and she knows when to speak up and when not to speak up.

I knew that she had some power and pull, but she wasn’t immune, either — her name was brought up quite a bit around camp.

You said [in an earlier question with a reporter] that one of your goals was to make it to the final five with your [new] Salani tribe. What was your objective from there — did you have a strategic plan, or were you just hoping to go on an immunity run?

If I was going to stick with the new Salani tribe, then I was going to be at the final five, and it was going to be me as the last man standing. It would be up to me basically to win immunities — I would have probably been in a bad position with the ladies, but It would have [tried to] talk with the ladies and figure something out.

So what was going on with Troyzan saying that he didn’t like you out there? We never really got a sense as to why.

I think he was scared, and it showed. [Troyzan] and I did not work together at all during the show. The entire time out there we hardly talked. Him and Jonas — Jonas in great outside of the game, but in the game he refused to talk to me and Troy refused to talk to me. They didn’t want to associated with me during the game.

I think Kim was smart to start that drama, because she knew that we would not get back to each other on that.

Do you wish we had seen more of Michael over the course of this season, and what do you think about his strategy to go to the end with four women and hope for the best?

Photo: CBS

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