‘Survivor: One World’: Is Kim playing the best game ever at this point?

We have to put it out there.

We thought about trying to create a much more clever title for Wednesday night’s new episode of “Survivor: One World,” but we might as well just ask that so many of us are wondering. Is Kim Spradlin better than Boston Rob? Is she putting Parvati Shallow to shame? There’s still plenty of time for her to mess this up, but at this point in time we have to say that yes, she is playing the best game in the history of “Survivor.” (Yes, we welcome all counter-arguments!)

Not since Richard Hatch have seen a first-time player be so head-and-shoulders above the rest of the tribe when it comes to strategy, and be actually likable enough at the same time to make a big move without people hating you for it. While Parvati had Cirie, Tom had Ian (at least for most of the game), and JT had Stephen, Kim is managing to dominate while dealing with a primary alliance partner (in Chelsea) who she is at times trying to babysit.

We picked Kim to win this game before it even started, and right now the only thing that could stand in her way is if some of these people wisen up. Unfortunately, none of them seem particularly willing to so wise.

The winners

Kim – To add what we said above, her desperation move to keep Jay from potentially outing the plan to oust Michael to Michael himself was pure genius. She knew she was at a point in this game where she would have to start betraying alliances, but she did so in a way here that made some other people become traitors along with her.

Sabrina – If nothing else, she was smart enough to listen to Kim’s plan to put her in the final three. However, she’s never going to win with Kim sitting there with her.

Christina – We’re actually starting to think that Christina could have more votes cast against her than any other person in history by the time she is voted out. She’s the luckiest player we’ve seen in ages,  and that has to go for something.

Tarzan – We know that Tarzan has no shot at winning this game, but for the time being he has perfectly molded himself into the resident goat. If the women’s alliance holds (and we think it will), he can be happy with 7th place. If you can’t be the king of the jungle, at least he can be king of the men.

The losers

Troyzan – There are a good many delusional people to play the game, but how willing Troyzan was to blindside Michael without even getting every side of the story may cement him as one of the most delusional people ever. He thinks he’s playing so smart, when really he’s playing so stupid. If we had to predict, Troyzan better have fun sitting with the boys at Ponderosa in a week or two.

Jay – We don’t really know why Jay didn’t talk to Michael about this either, and let Kim get in the way. He’s a pretty smart guy, but if he told Christina that she was targeted by the women (which Kim did say at one point), he could have gotten her to flip and the men could have had the numbers.

Chelsea – While she’s guaranteed a spot in the final three on Kim’s coattails, she’s really not that good of a player. Last week, she wanted to get rid of Tarzan thanks to smelly underwear — this week, she practically revealed to the guys that all of the girls were together by talking about Mike in front of Alicia and Christina. However, we do feel for her for having to deal with Tarzan’s awkward question about plastic surgery.

Michael – Michael is very tall. That may be the most exciting thing we got out of him this season. He was the prototypical male competitor that Jeff Probst probably wanted to be Colby 2.0. Instead, he never really did much of anything — which made his blindside all the more epic since he never even really bothered to be paranoid.

Since we don’t know anything about his strategy in this game at all, we’re curious to talk with him for an exit interview Thursday.

Photo: CBS

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