‘Community’: Chevy Chase suggests end to Dan Harmon war

Is the feud over?

Are we at the end to all of the near-constant drama going on between Chevy Chase and “Community” creator Dan Harmon? We sure hope so.

As you may have heard Tuesday, Harmon posted a rather lengthy message on his Tumblr page apologizing for making the struggle behind the scene with Chevy public by playing a rather expletive-heavy phone message from the actor in public at a comedy event, saying that he was acting irresponsibly and not thinking about how his actions could end up impacting fans. While there was no mention of Chase in the post by name (or really no apology to him at all), it was a nice gesture to show the fans that he is ready to put all of this behind him.

Ultimately, it appears as though the same thing can be said about Chase himself. The actor was caught on video by TMZ this week, and seemingly hinted that he would be back on the show moving forward in giving the following message to reporters:

“I don’t have anything to say about this stuff … we got comedy to make.”

Ultimately, trying to work things out with Harmon (which we listed as a possible solution to this conflict) seems to be the best move for Chevy to make. He’s still under contract for more “Community” seasons, and with the show best suited to end in May 2013 (after all, this will be the end of the gang’s fourth year at Greendale), this is only one more season for him to take part in. It would be strange to see Pierce Hawthorne disappear before the end; while the character may be one of the weaker members of the study group, he’s still crucial to the show’s success. One of your favorite episodes of the entire series was Pierce’s bequeathing, and we don’t know where we would be without him setting up a meeting between Troy and LeVar Burton.

While we believe Pierce will be back now, the decision is still ultimately in Harmon and the show’s hands. People throughout history have been able to work through personal strife to create art, and Chase is far too talented for any of us to say that some disdain he has for the show’s creator will impact his performance on the small screen in any way.

In an effort to try to move forward now, we have a new promo for Thursday night’s episode. Watch it, and remember what matters most here.

Photo: NBC

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